Reese’s Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie

by Lauren

First, a quick summary of my wonderful weekend!



We made a stop at Casey’s Cupcakes in Laguna Beach. I can honestly say I have never fallen prey to this over priced cupcake phenomenon going on in the food world, not once. But I saw the sign that said “Winner of Cupcake Wars” and for some reason I really couldn’t resist. I waltzed right into this overly pink-ed out cupcake shop where girls with big pink bows and pink aprons work. Chris refused to enter.

However, the Caribbean Coconut cupcake might have been the most awesome cupcake ever. I have fallen prey to the pretty in pink cupcake shop. And despite his puppy dog eyes you see in the pictures, Rex didn’t get one bite.

Big pink bow girls make awesome cupcakes. There, I said it. I love pink cupcake shops with deliciously moist and unforgettable cupcake flavors!

Now, about those cookies…


I wish I could take credit for this cookie recipe but it belongs to the stuffing sweets with sweets queen, Jenny from Picky Palate. Her picky kids can’t seem to turn anything sweet down and I don’t blame them!

I decided to make these with Chris this weekend because I knew he would love them. He is great at stacking and sandwiching all kinds of food. Sometimes I picture him as Buddy the Elf putting maple syrup and candy on his spaghetti. Not that he would do that, but you get the picture. Here was Chris’s take on the Reese’s Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie.


But of course! Why didn’t I think of adding not one but TWO candy bars into one cookie. I affectionately named this Chris’s Double Whammy.

Cream together the butter and sugar. Then don’t forget to add the eggs and vanilla before the dry ingredients go in. I may or may not have done just that.


Then slowly incorporate the dry ingredients. Fold in the chocolate chips with your hand a spatula. Gotta love baking with men, so creative.


Plop your first scoop of dough onto the cookie sheets.


Then, gently add your Reese’s or Heath Bar, or both, and top with another dollop of dough.


Bake for 9-10 minutes. Let cool…or not. Chris’s uncooled Double Whammy:


Or let it sit overnight and slice open to reveal the perfection that is inside a Reese’s, or Heath Bar, or both, stuffed chocolate chip cookie!


Reese’s Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie

Click to see this tasty recipe From Picky Palate!

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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38 Responses to “Reese’s Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie”

  1. Your cookies look like they turned out perfectly! I would love one of those right now…

  2. Oh gee! I’m working on a Picky Palate-inspired recipe this week too. YUMMMMMMMMMmmmmmm ♥- Katrina

  3. <3 <3 <3 the cookies look *DROOL*

    Q: How much is two sticks of butter? in oz. or grams?

  4. Lauren

    1 cup of butter is 2 sticks. 1 cup = 8 oz! :) Thanks for stoppin by!!

  5. Lauren

    I can’t wait to see it!! Be sure to tweet me a link 😉

  6. Lauren

    Oh trust me, I would too. Chris ate them all though… Guess I’ll have to make another batch!

  7. thanks 😀

  8. Oh great now I have to make these cookies…this is going to be trouble.

    I know what you mean about the high-priced cupcakes…but here in San Diego I highly recommend Gingerlily Bakery. The lady that owns it is super nice (she once met my boyfriend at like 5 pm on a Friday in a parking lot so he could buy cupcakes for my birthday.) She doesn’t have a store front but she sells at a few farmer’s markets.

  9. Ooooooh my! These look unreal! To me there is nothing better than chocolate and peanut butter…I wish I had some of these right now!!

  10. Stuffed cookies sounds like a great idea :) and especially with reese

  11. Lauren

    Thanks for that tip! How sweet of her to meet up with your husband. That’s customer service right there! I love farmers markets, I actually used to work at the one in Hillcrest! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for Gingerlily bakery.

  12. Lauren

    I know, me too! Chocolate and peanut butter: my favorite combo, ever.

  13. I made these the other day as well, using my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.
    They are absolutely sinful, I can only imagine how the double whammy must be!

    Yummy, I’m definitely considering making even more of these soon.

  14. Who is the photographer? Beautiful pictures.

  15. Lauren

    We both take the pictures for our posts. Thank you! :)

  16. I was looking for something to do, and this looks great! I was wondering though, are they full sized reese’s or the mini ones? Thanks

  17. I was wondering what size Reeses you used? Did you use the regular sized ones, or the smaller ones?

  18. mini or full size reese’s?? Prob a stupid question

  19. Lauren
  20. Lauren

    I used regular sized reese’s but you can use either.

  21. Chrissy

    We used the regular-sized Reese’s. Since they are flatter, they fill out the cookie better. :)

  22. I am officially going shopping so I can give these a try!! 😀

  23. These look great! I have never been to your site before and was worried you used pre made cookie dough…a friend posted this on my FB wall and now I am getting requests to make them for everyone! LOL..sooo, thanks for the added work…???..JK, this is a great idea. I have used the mini reeses in mini cupcake tins with cookie batter before, but this looks even better!

  24. So I tried these last night but they didn’t turn out too well. The reese’s melted and the cookies were every where. Any tips?

  25. Lauren

    I’m sorry it didn’t work for you! Perhaps you didn’t cover the candy with enough cookie dough which made the melted chocolate seep through?

  26. Lauren

    Welcome! Good luck making them :) I’m sure they will be tasty!

  27. I did the same thing with a batch if brownies they turned out great. I’m a Reese’s lover, I’m trying this one next. Thanks for sharing.

  28. I made the Reese’s ones tonight and they turned out great! Thanks again! I am taking them to church tomorrow, because I sure don’t want them around here!! I texted to tell people, so I couldn’t change my…btw, my kitchen is yellow as well!

  29. I have a question. Did you use semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips? And did you use the regular sized reeses or mini sized?! I cant wait to make these!!!

  30. just wondering the heat you set the oven on when baking

  31. Chrissy

    Sharing them is a GREAT idea! We do the same… well, sometimes. I like your idea of texting people to keep yourself accountable :)

    Aren’t yellow kitchens just the BEST? Thanks for your comment!

  32. Chrissy

    Oh Reese’s + brownies would be DIVINE!

  33. Lauren

    You can use either :) Have fun!

  34. Lauren

    That’s awesome! I’m sure everyone loved them!

  35. Lauren
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