Creamy Avocado Shells + the Clockless Oven

by Lauren

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Someday, if you’re lucky and I feel like sacrificing our dignity, I will show you a picture of our lovely oven. Chris originally thought we should name this blog “The Timeless Kitchen” because the oven has no clock. That’s right, read ‘em and weep, literally. At some point the LYK oven’s clock shorted and started beeping uncontrollably, as our smoke alarm also tends to do. Naturally, the previous tenants thought it best to simply rip out the clock. We now have a gaping black hole of death with cut wires popping out of it, instead of an oven clock. Cute, I know.

For our first few months living in the LYK we had to guess what the numbers on the temperature dial were since they had all conveniently worn off. We used white nail polish to write on the dial what we thought the numbers might have been. Fail. We recently discovered by use of an oven thermometer that we had been 50 degrees off.

Please try not to be jealous of our super upscale kitchen. Greed is not a becoming trait.


Now that you’ve had a peek inside the real LYK I’ll tell you about this recipe we made from Angela at Oh She Glows. It was sooo lip smackin’ tasty and I had not one ounce of guilt eating it. The creamyness comes, not from cream or cheese, but avocado! It looks like pesto but tastes like heaven.

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In fact, it was so heavenly that I forced myself to swallow whole al dente pasta shells just to get some creamy, zesty, herby carbs in me — still can’t chew due to the wisdom teething. After about 5 painful attempts I resorted to pulsing it up in the food processor a bit.

Sorry if the thought of that grossed you out…it really wasn’t that bad. Promise.



Creamy Avocado Shells

Adapted from: Oh She Glows

makes 4 servings


2 medium California avocados

1 lemon juiced + lemon zest

3 garlic cloves to taste

1/2 cup Fresh Basil

4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

4 servings of pasta shells

salt and pepper to taste


Add your pasta to boiling water and cook according to package directions.

Make sauce by blending the garlic, lemon juice, olive oil together in a food processor. Then add avocado, basil salt and pepper and process until creamy.

Pour sauce onto pasta and toss. Garnish with lemon zest and pepper.

Little Yellow Note: If you want to save the leftovers, add extra lemon juice to prevent the avocado from browning.

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,



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23 Responses to “Creamy Avocado Shells + the Clockless Oven”

  1. yumm another great recipe from you ladies!!!!!!!! love it 😉

  2. I love adding avocado to anything possible, so this looks just awesome!! So funny about the oven… I really need to get an oven thermometer because i have a feeling mine is a bit off, too :)

  3. YUM! I love avocados. and pesto. Combining the two ideas sounds great…

  4. I love this idea! And it looks beautiful!

  5. Wow, this dish looks so creamy and delicious! I love it:)

  6. Lauren
  7. Lauren

    I know right? It’s way healthier than using cheese too.

  8. Lauren

    It is a great idea! Try it out :)

  9. Lauren

    Thanks Britt! We love you 😉

  10. I saw when she posted this!!! I am in such an avocado mood lately this looks great!

  11. I used to rent in downtown Chicago and I had one of those stoves… it was awful! I had no idea what temp it was at, what the time was, if the flame was medium-low or medium-high…sigh… I feel your pain! :)

    Love your idea here… the creamy avocado sound amazing!

  12. Hola Ladies. Greetings from another San Diegan.. OK, LOVE this recipe something fierce. Now I have another way to use that precious green butter in something other than guac and on my morning toast. When are all of us San Diego bloggers gonna get together? Hopefully in 2011 sometime! XOXO, Jenny

  13. Mmmm..this looks delicious and perfect for spring…and the fact that it has avocados in it makes it even better!! Love it…can’t wait to give it a try! :)

  14. Lauren

    Glad you like it! It was definitely cool to use avocados this way, tasty stuff . YES we need to get together, that would be so so fun! There is a national blogger bake sale that San Diego bloggers are getting together for in May. You should definitely come (and bring some of your famous goodies)!

  15. Lauren

    Yes the flame is also an issue. We have very high or low. There is definitely no such thing as medium…Good to know we aren’t alone on that though! Oh the joys of being in your 20’s :)

  16. Lauren

    As soon as I saw this back when it was posted, I knewww I had to make it! Then we ended up with 5 avocados in our fridge so I felt like it was appropriate timing. Definitely give it a try!

  17. Just found out my new weaknesses are Avocados! Gonna try all these recipes!! :)

  18. I made that same Oh She Glows recipe. Need to try it with shells, next. Yum!

  19. Chrissy

    It’s such a good go-to recipe! :)

  20. This was easy to make, I added a little vegetable broth because it was so dry. Also, I have neither a food processor or a blender so I did it all by hand (one hand because I broke my left arm), and it wasn’t too difficult. Perhaps using diced up heirloom tomatoes in the sauce would make it more spectacular, as I did that and it was the tastiest avocado pasta I ever ate!

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