Spring in Your Step Smoothie

by Lauren

Did you catch that cute little pun there? I’m so clever. This smoothie will most definitely put a spring in your step and it’s most definitely full of delicious Spring fruits!


Chrissy recently acquired a Magic Bullet. We are not the type to fall prey to infomercials that sell crazy items like this. No, no, no. But Costco on the other hand, yikes. It is a danger zone and please don’t even get me started on the luscious free samples galore they offer.

They have so much great stuff there and it’s all on steroids! Have you seen the giant apples!?

You think you’re getting such a great deal and then you hit the cash register. Aye.  BUT never have I ever regretted my decision to spend a week’s pay on items from Costco. Your bank account thanks you, but I truly feel for those of you who have not had the pleasure of overindulging in way too much of everything at this store.


Chrissy’s mama bought us her this Magic Bullet at Costco and it makes pre-work smoothie making so easy! The bullet came with 2 large to-go cups that you simply toss your choice of fruit, oats, agave, a little OJ and some almond milk into, attach the motor, flip it over and give it a whirl. Detach and drink.


Little Yellow Note: Do not freeze the fruit inside of the individual cups – they will not budge. I imagine the fruit was laughing at us when we tried to do this. Freeze the fruit separately then add them to the bullet to blend.

Sorry for this less-than-pretty picture, it was 7 am and I hadn’t had my cup o’ jo yet. Clearly, I was not in prime picture taking mode.


Spring in Your Step Smoothie

2 bananas

1 grapefruit

2 clementines

1/2 cup mango

½ cup blueberries

¼ cup rolled oats

2 tbsp agave

Splash of orange juice (optional)

1 cup almond milk

Chop your fruit into large chunks and freeze them in a bag or separate container. Add fruit, oats, agave, and almond milk to the Magic Bullet and blend. Detach from the motor, screw on the lid and drink!

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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9 Comments to “Spring in Your Step Smoothie”

  1. Something about smoothies make you perk up and have a happy day! The colors in these just make you feel good! Sounds delicious!

  2. There is nothing better than a good smoothie! I usually eat mine of the green persuasion, but have been trying to branch out to some other flavors! Oh and I completely share your wonderment of club stores…they are the BEST!

  3. Grapefruit in a smoothie? How refreshing! I still haven’t tried putting oats in a smoothie but I really need to.

  4. I love putting oats in my smoothies – a very tasty way to get in some whole grains!

  5. Love the title…very clever! 😉 But I love the smoothie a bit more… that sounds so refreshing and YUMMY!

  6. Lauren

    Thanks haha it was def a tasty smoothie!

  7. Lauren

    Oats are our new favorite addition. Gotta love that extra fiber!

  8. Lauren

    What is green persuasion?? Sounds healthy!

  9. Yummmm! There’s no Jamba Juice where I moved to so I will for sure have to try to make one of these!!