One Pot Wonder BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich and much more

by Lauren

Use caution when reading this post. Just looking at it is going to:

1. Make you wish your Memorial Day weekend was as tasty as ours.

2. Let you in on the secret fact that despite our size, Chrissy and I can down quite a bit of food.

3. Make you real hungry. (But isn’t that the point?)


Friday, we came home from an inappropriately long but very successful shopping spree and this was waiting at our door:


Cute new friend? Yes.

Likes milk? You bet.

Stray? Um, maybe.

He wouldn’t leave our door step. We couldn’t resist playing with the little guy!


Our Saturday morning started off with a bang.

A lovely bike ride to Bird Rock Coffee Roasters for a live music session and some fabulously fresh coffee.

You may have see that on Facebook.


Then we headed home to greet our friends Darci and Blake who came to stay with us for a couple of days!

We greeted them with some of this:

Which then became this:


Oh yeah. Juicy brats with sautéed peppers and onions on a toasty French roll.

Served with a side of grilled corn on the cob with lemon shallot compound butter.

We ate like animals, then went sailing!

One of our friends took us out into Mission Bay with his sailboat. It was quite a fun afternoon and I’ve never been happier that the sun stays out so late in the Spring!


Sunday morning we went to breakfast at one of our favorite local eateries, Café 976.

Chrissy and I split the breakfast burrito with eggs, feta, and mushrooms on a spinach tortilla. Sadly, we gobbled it up far too quickly for a picture.

Bad food bloggers!

After we digested together, Chrissy and Blake went for a 5 mile run and Darci and I followed close behind with more of a run/walk/run approach.

That’s right, despite what it may look like we do all day every day, we manage to get some exercise in!

All the running (and walking) called for a giant Acai Bowl.

We waltzed on down to a café around the corner from our house and grabbed this gigantor bowl of deliciousness topped with fresh berries, banana, granola and honey.

It did not disappoint!


We bade farewell to our friends Darci and Blake and welcomed our second-half-of-the-weekend houseguest, Chris!

Sunday night, BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches were a great idea for dinner. I mean great.

It was the easiest one pot wonder ever and I was so happy to avoid doing more dishes, especially after all that run/walk/running I did.

One Pot Wonder BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches


Makes 6 sandwiches
10 frozen chicken tenders, or about 4 frozen chicken breasts
3 Tbsp BBQ dry rub seasoning, we used Pantherfanz Red-Zone Dry Rub

1/4 cup BBQ sauce

6 dashes Frank’s Hot Sauce (or more!)

1 onion, chopped

1 Tbsp olive oil
6 French rolls or similar bun
1 cup shredded cabbage, optional

Drizzle olive oil on the bottom of the Crockpot. Arrange the frozen chicken and onion on the bottom. Sprinkle the BBQ dry rub seasoning, the BBQ sauce and hot sauce over the chicken and onion.

Cook on high heat for 3-4 hours.

When the chicken is done cooking, shred the chicken by using two forks and add back into the sauce in the crockpot.

Toast your buns under the broiler for a minute or two, but be careful to watch them; they quickly turn from a nice golden brown to sad charred black.

Build each sandwich with a little more BBQ sauce, a few heaping spoonfuls of shredded BBQ chicken, cabbage, and even some of your favorite cheese would be a great addition.

Today for breakfast, this might have happened:


Oops. At least we rode our bikes there…

But seriously. Best cinnamon rolls and sticky buns EVER.

If you ever end up in San Diego for any reason. Be it a layover or a vacation, please do one thing.

Go to Baked and order a cinnamon roll, a sticky bun and a French Toast Panini. Do it.


Good thing our garbage disposal Chris was there to help us eat it all.

Needless to say, we biked home and fell into deep, deep, food comas.

The rest of the day was leisurely spent lying on the beach and listenin’ to some tunes.

You thought I was done with the food already didn’t you?


Chris and I enjoyed a lovely happy hour at JRDN tonight.

Mussels and Blueberry Mojitos anyone?

The perfect ending to a deliciously long weekend.

Thank you to all those who have served our country. Happy Memorial Day!

Now go put your chicken in the crockpot and get dinner going!

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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14 Comments to “One Pot Wonder BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwich and much more”

  1. You sure did have a delicious weekend! Did you keep the kitty?

  2. Hi girls! There’s an award for you on my blog, if you want to check it out! :)

  3. food, friends, fun times…love it!

    and whoa…the beach looks CROWDED! nothing like a mem day, 4th of july, or labor day to bring out the crowds in san diego, huh!

  4. Those mussels (and all the other food you posted about) look fabulous!!! I’m planning to make your BBQ chicken sandwiches for dinner one night this week – yum!

  5. Looks like a delicious weekend!

  6. Lauren

    Let me know how it turns out! P.S. be prepared for you house to smell glorious :)

  7. Lauren

    It was sooo crowded. Gotta love hot holidays in SD. We have a secret spot as locals that we go to for a less touristy ambiance and limited crowd!

  8. Looks like you both had a fabulous weekend! All of the food you consumed is making me drool–especially the sandwiches with brats and sauteed peppers. YUM!

  9. Lauren

    No :( We aren’t allowed to have pets in our apartment. So sad. Hopefully he comes to visit again though!

  10. Looks like my kind of weekend! You look like you have the best places to eat over there! I need to make a trip to San Diego soon!

  11. Oh my gosh… that cinnamon roll… I need it! I’m only 2 hours away from San Diego, I think it’s totally worth a trip :)

  12. Lauren

    2 hours is sooo worth it!! We would happily go with you too. But seriously…hah

  13. Lauren
  14. I just recently found the blog and love the fact that you girls are from San Diego (I think?!) !! I go to school out of state, but my fam all lives in Sd, which means I’m back home for the summer!

    Your memorial day weekend looks soo delicious and fun…acai bowls are amazing!! I’ve only tried them at swami’s cafe (in encinitas), but am always down for tons of fruit, especially when dining in the sunshine!