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June 9th, 2011

Lime-Cilantro Buttered Corn on the Cobb

by Chrissy

Corn is good. But corn on the cobb is simply glorious.

It’s just one of those phenomenons that can’t fully be explained, but I will try.


Here are a few thoughts that come to mind when I think of corn on the cobb:


1. Smothering it with butter.  This would be just plain weird with frozen corn.

2. Getting a good char on the outside. If they were little corn pieces, they would fall right through the griddle…and get more than a “char”. Puh-lease

3. It’s an interactive food; hence, resulting in lots of a nibbling in a type-writer fashion. Come on, you know that you ate an ear of corn like that when you were a kid… or maybe even last week. Eh hem.

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