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June 22nd, 2011

AB & J Brownies

by Lauren

I’m pretty sure Chris would marry a PB & J sandwich if he could (he eats one every day). I won’t let him marry one, but I will save him a brownie.

I really don’t blame him for loving that combo though. Peanut butter and jelly go together like bacon and eggs.

Like Rachel and Finn.

Like fries and ketchup.

Like Lauren (me) and a tropical vacation.

You get the picture…

I hope you all can forgive me. I put a healthy spin on the brownies by messing with the perfect combination of PB & J. It is bikini season after all.

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June 22nd, 2011

Family Vacation and the Babe’s Best Honey Butter Baked Yams

by Chrissy

Family vacation: a great time of the year when everybody turns into stress-balls [meaning tightly wound balls of stress, not like the squishy ball used to relieve stress] and where arguing is sure to ensue in the trip planning and execution; yet, so much love is involved in the process, so that in the end it was worth every minute, just to create the time to be with family.


Who is with me? Can I get a “What, What” !?


We rarely get the whole family together for a vacation. It’s near impossible. But this year we were determined to make it happen.

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