Mexican Lobster Tail Burrito and A Trip South of the Border

by Chrissy

About 45 minutes South of the Border, lies the little town of Puerto Nuevo.

It has lots of these:

No need for a real name, this place is called Restaurant #1: Puerto Nuevo. Yeah, it’s that good. Pearl and her family just call it Number 1Oh, if you were wondering the sign does indicate that they have “Sea (LOBSTER) Food”. 😉

Our sole mission was to divide and conquer this lobster joint. Well, not divide so much, come on, this is Mexico we are talking about. Not exactly the safest place in the world these days…

I mean look, they have  Lobsterzillaaaaaa

Sorry, tangent. Let’s get back to the good stuff.

The Guac—These guys know how to do it right. Just plain old smashed avocados with minimal tomatoes and onions thrown in there, with a dash a salt. Nothing extravagant, but the simplicity of this guac makes me rethink the way I normally make it, loaded with garlic, onion, lime and cilantro, sometimes its nice to go back to the basics.

And we start. Bring on the lobster and let the games begin. There may be casualties, but it’s for a good cause. ‘Twas my first real lobster experience and it was a good one.

Wait, I have to work for my food, what?? It’s like manual labor to get every last smidgen of the tasty lobster meat out of the shell. Who knew?

Not to mention the spiny spikes. Oh those spikes…They really getcha good when going for the jointy meat. Sheesh. These battle wounds weren’t in vain, though, if you were beginning to worry.

Let me quickly preface that this is how the spread looked before the wreckage:



The lobster burrito-making aftermath:



Surprising how relatively clean my plate is, huh? I got every last piece that I could without licking my plate.


Here’s how to assemble the perfect Mexican Lobster Tail Burrito:


All that work for this nugget… but it is just so worth it!
Remove lobster tail meat from shell, tear it up onto smaller pieces.
Add atop a freshly made flour tortilla ( if you don’t have access to this. Um. You’re out of luck. I don’t know what to tell you. Sorry?)
Add a few scoops of rice & beans. Spoon on some guacamole, pico and hot chipotle salsa, liberally, of course.
Finish off with a squeeze of lime and roll that bad boy up into a tasty little morsel of a burrito. A Mexican couldn’t have made it better.
Scarf and wash it down with some cold beer.

A few questions here:  1) why does a random lobster restaurant named Number 1 (fittingly so) have McDonalds paper placemats2) Why did Micky D’s think it was OK to print this thing with a creepy looking decorated tortilla mocking everyone who doesn’t have a wrap?


Post Burrito-ing Advice:

Get someone to roll you out the door, after all is said and done and you are all paid up for that whopper of a check for $25 bucks a pop for a plethora of lobster and beers and burrito makings. Yea, that’s right. you can’t even pet a lobster for that much money.

Take a stroll around town. Here is what we stumbled upon.

He’s making assorted candied nuts!

Loverly pottery

Does this surprise you? Find the one that doesn’t belong. Hint: Apparently, Mexico has a certain fever. They call it Beiber Fever.

Yea, I just don’t know if Justin Beiber is up there with the Virgin Mary. Weird.

These shacks have some prime real estate. I love this little Mexican beachy town.

Is that a shark, a whale, a dolphin, or a failed replication of Gonzo from the Muppets?? Some things we will never know.

Just when you thought that we could eat no more, well, prepare yourselves. We did. We went there.

Pearl, Ahn and I had to walk across the border, since we didn’t have the special “Sentri” pass like Pearl’s dad did. It’s just like a Fast Pass that you get at Disneyland to cut lines. Well, since we had to stand in line to cross back into the U.S., we decided it was necessary to eat some good greasy border food.

Here are some freshly fried churros.

Oh, so scrumptious!

Then came the tacos. Naturally, I went with the Adovada (same as Al Pastor) Taco and Pearl went with the Asada. Holy Yum, it was divine! We inhaled them. 

Pearl was the mastermind behind us getting tacos. I was so full that she had to give me a pep-talk to agree to eat more. It worked.

Farewell Mexico, I will be back soon for your dear, dear Lobster.

Mexican Lobster Tail Burrito 

Ingredients: (rough measurements to tailor to your liking)

1 medium lobster half, tail meat removed from shell and shredded

3 spoonfuls of Mexican rice

3 spoonfuls of refried beans (the real kind, not refried out of a can).

1 flour tortilla (as fresh as they come!)

Spicy Chipotle Salsa

Pico de Gallo



1 (or 3) cold Mexican cervezas, on the side!



Please read on, these are essential to the most successful Lobster eating Mexico adventure.

Go to Mexico and travel to Puerto Nuevo [safely]. There are many Lobster establishments, but Number 1 is the place that you want to be. Order a cold one. Order some lobster, and in the meantime snack on the chips, salsa, and guac that they pile on your table. Shred the lobster tail meat (but save the shell for later meat scavenging int he head and joints). Pile meat onto the tortilla. Add rice, beans, guacamole, chipotle salsa, pico de gallo, and a squeeze of lime juice. Fold two sides of the tortilla into the middle, then wrap and roll the open sides into a burrito! Take a breath, then start from the end that doesn’t look so sturdy (you do not want a blow out at mid-burrito stuffing). Order another beer, wipe your plate clean, then repeatwith the other half of the lobster. Get someone to roll you out the door after all is said and done and you are all paid up for that whopper of a check for $25 bucks a pop for a plethora of lobster and beers and burrito makings. Yea, that’s right. you can’t even pet a lobster for that much money.


From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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14 Responses to “Mexican Lobster Tail Burrito and A Trip South of the Border”

  1. Omg I used to eat lobster tail ALL THE TIME! Like it was my #1 go to when I was dating Scott. If I couldnt get a strong drink and a lobster tail, I didnt want to go. Then…shellfish allergy struck. I really have only had two lobster tails in 7 yrs. I wish it were different.

    This whole post is just….spectacular!

  2. What a fun time you had…I can’t eat lobster (allergies) but love guacamole…that would have been my meal. The pictures and your day was fabulous!

  3. What a fun adventure, not only to see the sights but such an awesome meal! That vast amount of candied nuts floored me-I have never seen so many pounds in one place. Lobster tail burrito-yum!

  4. The sight of the lobster tail burrito has me salivating! Wow, does that ever look good. What a fantastic meal, and a great journey south of the border. Thanks for sharing!

  5. We actually cancelled our next trip to MX because of all the bad stuff going on. I have never been to baja though and this restaurant looks like a great place to stop,

  6. Chrissy

    Wow. Such a loss. I can honestly tell you that I ate plenty of lobster, for the both of us. I got your back. 😉

  7. Chrissy

    hmmm, it seems that shellfish allergies is the common thing these days! I feel so bad for all of you who are in that boat! Good thing with burritos, there is always an alternative to the kind of meat!

  8. Wow! What a great meal! Looks like a really fun time and you shared some lovely pictures with us!

  9. Never could i comment that I would be SO FULL of LOBSTER!!! I am lucky enough to have the littlest place for churros (which were AMAZING and kick costco’s booty in churros) and not lucky enough for the border-tacos…i guess next time….. Hope to do this again soon! J-bieb = virgin mary?!?! haha

  10. OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE This post. This brought back sooo many good memories. I haven’t been down to Puerto Nuevo in quite a few years, but it was totally some of the best lobster meals I’ve ever had in my life. And I also love all their trimmings. :)

  11. Chrissy

    Ahhhh I know! Everytime I look at it, I am fairly certain I begin salivating. I don’t think I will ever be able to eat lobster again if its not in PN, Mexicooooo. So spoiled.

  12. Chrissy

    J-beib. Oh J-beib.

    So so full of lobster, it’s unreal. I am finally hungry again, wanna go back????

  13. This looks delicious! Your photography is wonderful.

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