LYK Relaxation Station: Cocktail Floats

by Pearl

Happy Friday, and welcome back to the LYK Relaxation Station!  Today,  I bring you a timeless treat with a twist to help cool you down on these scorching August afternoons.  Who didn’t love root beer floats as a kid?!  I have fully re-mastered this kid’s classic to fit your happy hour needs!


I bring you the Beer Float and the Champagne Float!  Both of these cocktails are so simple, but require a little technique.  The good news is after being root beer float extraordinaires as children, you should all be well prepared.  But just in case you forgot the ins and outs of floats, I am here to help.


Let us begin.


Plop the ice cream in your glass.  There really is no clean way to do this, just accept it.  I used coffee ice cream in the beer, and raspberry sorbet in the champagne. The options are truly endless.  Check out the ingredients list for a couple more ice cream variations.


Pour in the beer and champagne.


For the beer float:  Here is where the technique comes in.  You will want to dive right in, but restrain yourself.  Like root beer,  the beer needs a couple minutes and a few mixes to take on the ice cream flavors.  Otherwise your beer will taste like… well, beer.  Also if at any point you get a little too excited about your beer float and don’t eat all the ice cream,  just add more beer to re-balance your float.  Your know the drill.

For the champagne float: Top the champagne with a large splash of St. Germain.  This will take the edge of the champagne and bring out the flavor of the sorbet.  Just a tiny mix for this one and its good to go.

Beer Float Ingredients:

2 scoops of Ice Cream (Vanilla, Chocolate, of Coffee)

Stout Beer (Guinness is great and easy to find, I used Rogue, chocolate stout)

***If you’re experimental, I think chocolate syrup or Bailey’s liqueur would be a great addition to this float.***


Champagne Float Ingredients: 

3 spoonfuls of Sorbet (Rainbow Sherbet is also great)


1/2 oz St. Germain


From The LYK Relaxation Station,

(Mix Master) Pearl

















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10 Responses to “LYK Relaxation Station: Cocktail Floats”

  1. Ok the starbucks float is screaming my name!!

  2. Ice cream + alcoholic beverage = sounds like a perfect summer treat!! :)

  3. They both look so good! I want them both!

  4. I am totally recommending this to my favorite localbar. I’m sure it will be a great friday treat for everyone!!! Haven’t had something like this in a while…time to kick back for the weekend!


  5. Okay – that’s super awesome1 I’m going to a BBQ tomorrow with ice-cream for dessert…I can only hope it makes it thru drinks when I tell everyone about this!

  6. Love your beer float recipe! I posted it on my blog under the recipes link, being that I am the face on Rogue Chocolate Stout 😉 For a moment when I thought the Sorbet, Champagne and St Germain were part of the beer float — just might have to try it! Beer floats using chocolate stout and hazelnut brown ales have been on the menu at Rogue Ales’ public houses for a decade + and there are dozens of ways to make it your way! Here is a fun recap from an event at Vosges that sprinkled applewood smoked bacon on ice cream and paired it with the chocolate stout (we also added the bacon to the beer float!)

  7. I am not usually a float fan but this involved alcohol! These both look great.

  8. Chrissy

    Wow! I would LOVE to try the Hazelnut Brown Ale! That would be super good in a beer float either with chocolate or coffee ice cream! YUM!
    That is awesome that you found us, and thank you for posting the link on your own blog! I wish my face was on a really good beer! I would be so proud!

  9. Chrissy

    haha I know, the addition of alcohol changes everything! You will have to try it soon! It is such a treat.

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