The Jersey Shore’s Regional Cuisine

by Lauren

While Chrissy and Pearl frolicked in Mexico together and enjoyed their tasty little lobsters, I was lucky enough to visit Pearl’s mom, Sandy (who just might be LYK’s biggest fan) in the Jersey Shore!

We were only there two days but WOW did she show us some awesomely flawless foods.

Upon our arrival at her cute summer cottage by the beach, we were greeted with this fabulous spread…

She made some amazing skewers of salami, all types of cheese, olives and fresh Jersey tomatoes!

It was just what we needed after the drive over from Philly.

We went out for some pie at Ventura’s Green house. Eh hem, by pie, they mean pizza. It was deeeelish!

The next morning, Sandy made us whole wheat blueberry pancakes and bacon. These were aaahmazing. Especially those warm Jersey blueberries bursting open in my mouth. Mmm!


Sandy spoiled us yet again for lunch with Dino’s famous subs.

She brought the classic sub and a Philly cheesesteak down to the beach for us. Talk about five star service!

These subs were simply the best sandwiches ever. It’s going to be nearly impossible to eat a sub sandwich anywhere in California ever again. Seriously…

The juicy Philly Cheesesteak came with sweet hot peppers on the side, which were a genius addition.

You would think that would be enough food for the rest of the day but alas, we enjoyed another fantastic meal for dinner, at Steve & Cookie’s! Cookie, the owner, ensures only the freshest, local ingredients in her food which makes any meal an absolute standout in my book.

First up, cocktails of course – a tasty pineapple martini and a zesty mojito.

Then appetizers, duh!

We had the Ugly Ripe Tomato Salad with big slices of juicy red tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese, crispy shallots and a sherry vinaigrette.

Remake this in the LYK? Why yes, I think I will do just that!

We also had the Grilled Lamb Lolichops with an amazing tomato and chickpea salad with chive oil.

For dinner, Chris had the Lump Crab Pasta with a tomato, basil and garlic sauce. So gourmet and so good!

I had the special for the evening which was Chili Spiced Salmon with a corn and cilantro relish served over salsa verde. By far the best meal I’ve had on this journey across America!

Sandy had the Double Cut Stuffed Pork Chop stuffed with Granny Smith apple, Applewood smoked bacon and Farmhouse White Cheddar. It was served with Maple Roasted Sweet Potato & Crispy Parsnip, Jack Daniels Glaze!


And to top it all off Cookie was kind enough to bring us a piece of her infamous Blueberry Pie piled high with the most fantastically sweet blueberries!


Once again, no shortage of excellent meals in the Jersey Shore thanks to Sandy!

I can’t wait for the famous Boston cannoli and the Chicago deep dish pizza. YUM.

From the Little Yellow Kitchen Newport, RI,


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6 Responses to “The Jersey Shore’s Regional Cuisine”

  1. What an amazing time and such a spread!

  2. OH.MY.GOODNESS. She is an angel and you were one lucky girl! Everything looks fantastic and your pics literally evoked the food’s aroma. I just ate dinner but now I want that Cheese Steak! YUM.

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