LYK Relaxation Station: Fresh Tomato Basil Bloody Mary

by Pearl

Here I am at the Jersey Shore visiting my mother, Sandy.  After reading Lauren’s post about her scrumptious visit, I was excited to share more about Jersey’s gems.  Believe it or not, Snooki is not the state’s only contribution to society.  The tomatoes here are to die for!  If you’ve lived in California your whole life, like myself, you never imagined a tomato could taste like this.

Could you think of anything better to kick off your weekend?

Ooops! My dad sous chef forgot to take the sticker off the lime.

Upon my arrival, I was pleasantly surprised by this beautiful bottle of Van Gogh Blue waiting for me.  This is Van Gogh’s Premium Vodka and WOW there is nothing about this vodka that doesn’t scream premiumIt was sooo delightfully smooth!  Needless to say, this bottle didn’t last long after its photo op.  This vodka is definitely a must try!

This was my first time peeling tomatoes.  So I figured it may be yours as well.  It’s too easy, here is the run down.

Slice the skin on the top and bottom of the tomato.

Place is a pot of boiling water for about 30 seconds or less.

Peel the skin off starting from the corners sliced into it earlier.  Make sure to use tongs if you’re too impatient to wait for it to cool off like myself.

 After getting all the ingredients blended, I just knew I needed to give my bloody a little extra flare.  Fresh Basil anyone?

Just chop up the basil and muddle it with a splash of lime.  Add it to the Blood Mary Mix AFTER blending it.  If blended with the mix you will have Brown Marys.  I may or may not know from experience.  The muddled basil will give it a deeper color, but the end product is still a gorgeous delicious refreshment.


Fresh Tomato Basil Bloody Mary

Get Recipe!

Adapted from 5 Ingredient Fix

Serves 3


3 Large ripe peeled and seeded tomatoes

3 TBS Lime juice

1 TBS Worcestershire Sauce

2 tsp Hot Horse Radish

Hot of your choice to taste

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Pepper

1/3 Cup Fresh Basil

6oz Vodka



Blend tomatoes, lime juice, Worcestershire Sauce, Horse Radish, hot sauce, salt and pepper.

Muddle Basil separately from mix, and then fold into mix.

Wet the rim of the glass with a wedge of lime and dip the rim into a salt and pepper mixture to coat the rim.

Fill rimmed glasses with ice, 2 oz vodka, and the mix.

Add a lime to garnish and enjoy!


From the LYK Relaxation Station,

(Mix Master) Pearl

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6 Responses to “LYK Relaxation Station: Fresh Tomato Basil Bloody Mary”

  1. Oh.My.Word. Bloody Mary’s have been on my mind all week – this looks delish! I’m loving these Relaxation Stations =]

  2. Thats a lot of salt on the rim! But looks good, when are we gonna see a pic of the bartender/chef!?

  3. There is nothing as delicious as a bloody mary at Sunday brunch! Must be incredible made so fresh

  4. Okay – this is just too cool for school! I love that you made this from fresh tomatoes…..I bet you’ll never be able to have one made with V8 again!

  5. Chrissy

    Ah me too! I am just so sad that Pearl is making these concoctions all the way on the East Coast, rather than in my home… I need one or 5 of these after I ran my half marathon yesterday… aye aye aye.

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