Giving thanks for Mulled Wine

by Lauren


You didn’t think we would end our “Giving thanks for…” series without mentioning wine did you??

Oh good, because we wouldn’t. We are very, very grateful for wine Smile

Especially this wine.


Granted, it sounds scary to add anything to an already fantastic blend of fermented grapes but nevertheless, this is a very special wine.

Warmed up and chocked full of fall flavors. The best way to enjoy it is in a big mug, cuddled up on the sofa as you watch Muppets Christmas Carol.


Yep, enjoying Christmas movies are A-ok in my book starting the night of Thanksgiving.

After you’ve stuffed your face full of mulled wine, turkey, stuffing and mashed po-taters, the Thanksgiving holiday is officially over and Christmas season is in full force!


At least that’s how I see it. Target, CVS and the local mall however seem to totally disregard my feelings on the matter and always start celebrating Christmas before Halloween has even arrived.

The only exception for this debauchery would be watching Nightmare Before Christmas, of course…


Mulled Wine

Adapted from the Trader Joe’s Mulling Spices container

Serves 2


2 cups red wine

1 tablespoon mulling spices (Trader Joe’s or your local grocery store carry it)

1 ounce Port or brandy


Add spices and wine to a pot and simmer on low for 10 minutes. If you don’t want the spices in your glass, strain before serving.



From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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