Easy Entertaining: Savory Baked Brie Bites

by Chrissy

Wish you had an easy but fancy-looking bite-sized appetizer to wow your guests with? Sometimes we just need these types of things…thank goodness the holiday season is upon us and there are plenty more chances to entertain.

Here are some tasty Baked Brie Bites that we made last year. This time we bring you a slightly fancier and more flavorful version.

So prepare yourselves.

I bet by now we are all winding down from our Thanksgiving feasting, getting back into the swing of things at the office, at school, or getting our homes back in order after a rampage of family, friends, and guests ensued, over the long weekend.

If you are anything like my dear mother, several days out, still mumbling about eating tasty Turkey Dinner left-overs, wishing that she had kept the feast a little simpler… then this is the recipe for you.

Here is an easy, yet fancy schmancy, bite-sized piece of cheesy decadence that will definitely impress the crowds. And it’s an easy clean-up; the only thing left behind will be the empty pretty little serving platter.



Cut puff pastry into squares.

Pull out your finest brie. Any brie, really. Just not moldy brie. I stumbled upon a fancy new TJ’s holiday item: Wild Mushroom Brie Cheese, which is absolutely scrumptious and perfect for this recipe.

Place puff pastry squares into a nonstick-sprayed mini muffin tin. Gently press into the cup molds and bake for 10 minutes at 4oo F.

Remove from oven. SO puffy!!

Caramelize onions (w/ butter) on low heat for 15 minutes, stirring every now and then.

Prep the sliced green onions.

Add the cheese to the brie cups and bake for about 5 minutes.

Top with the caramelized onions.

Sprinkle the green onion pieces on top.

Add some freshly ground cracked pepper, and call it a day!


Savory Wild Mushroom Baked Brie Cups

Makes 12 cups



1 sheet of puff pastry dough, cut into 12 squares

12 slices of wild mushroom brie cheese (we got ours from TJs but regular brie is fine too)

½ a small onion

½ Tbsp butter

1 finely sliced green onion

freshly cracked black pepper

nonstick spray



Be sure the puff pastry is chilled, but not frozen. Cut the pastry into 12 equal squares. Spray a mini muffin pan with nonstick spray and gently place one pastry square into each of the 12 molds, to fit the circular shape. Bake at 400 degrees F for 10 minutes, until the pastry is puffy and light golden brown.


Slice the onion, thinly, and add to a small sauté pan with butter and cook on low heat for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.


Cut 12 slices of the brie cheese and place one in each of the pastry cups; do not overfill with cheese, otherwise it will end up melting all over the place. Put back into the oven on the middle rack, and bake for 5 more minutes, until the cheese is melted.


Top each brie cup with caramelized onion, a pinch of green onion, and a dash of freshly cracked black pepper.


Easy entertaining. Thoroughly enjoy.



From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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3 Responses to “Easy Entertaining: Savory Baked Brie Bites”

  1. Little holiday bites are some of my favourite foods ever! I love these ones, so tasty!

  2. OK. these looks fantastic! I have to make for Christmas this year! Thanks for the recipe!

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