Baked Herb and Parmesan Eggs for two

by Lauren


What a year! A year of blogging, a year of new friends, a year of road trips, a year of food and a year that was full of wonderful adventures.

Here’s to a healthy start to healthy new year.


Well, mostly healthy.

We really do eat quite healthy, I promise.

Despite the occasional cookie, mac n’ cheese dinner and a splurge on breakfast burritos every once in a while, the LYK is a healthy place to be.




Herbs and onion.







New year’s resolutions? Hm.

I won’t kid myself by committing to doing yoga every day for my new years resolution, but I will state this:

I solemnly swear to do my absolute best to go to yoga at least twice a week. Providing some food related event doesn’t impede my schedule.


You may not be impressed with that goal but considering my year long hiatus from exercise, I think that would be quite an accomplishment!


Baked Herb and Parmesan Eggs for two


4 eggs

2 slices bacon

1 teaspoon herbs de Provence

1 green onion, thinly sliced

1 tablespoon parmesan

Ground black pepper


Place two eggs in each ramekin. Gently stir in herbs, bacon, green onion and pepper without breaking the yolks.

Place under preheated broiler for 4 minutes. Top with parmesan cheese and place back under the broiler for 1-2 minutes, for runny yolks.

Serve with French bread.

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,



P.S. Check it out, after a healthy baked egg breakfast, Chris and I are already getting our exercise on in 2012.


Some may take it upon themselves to disagree that golfing is exercise, but I must beg to differ.

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6 Responses to “Baked Herb and Parmesan Eggs for two”

  1. Love the idea of smearing gooey, runny, herby, bacony eggs over French bread! And yes, golf is exercise, you have to walk and haul around those clubs – that must burn a few calories!

  2. Gahh I love a good drippy egg on toast and this makes it even better :) Great job! Hope you had a lovely new year, keep up the wonderful blogs :)

  3. Lauren
  4. Lauren

    I agree Emily. Golf = exercise :) Happy New Year!

  5. This looks absolutely delicious! I LOVE eggs – one of my favorites! Happy New Year!

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