Lime Salt

by Lauren

Adding a little zest is what we do best. See for yourself…


Conveniently, Chris’s parents have a flourishing lime tree that provides us with an abundance of limes and subsequently an abundance of zest.

The amount of juicy limes we currently have actually exceeds the amount of juicy Costco tomatoes we had, pre-Roasted Tomato and Garlic Sauce.

I wish I could say this salt recipe put a dent in our lime supply, but alas, it did not.

Tasty lime-filled recipe suggestions are currently being accepted in the LYK…


So where exactly did I get this idea? Sadly, Chipotle.

Their superb lime salted tortilla chips get me every time! I just had to recreate it.

Only this salt won’t just be used on tortilla chips.


It will season up the popcorn for my most recent addiction, be sprinkled onto any fish Chris happens to spear, and may or may not be used to decorate the rim of a margarita or two…or three.


Lime Salt

Recipe adapted from 101 Cookbooks


1/4 cup sea salt

2 heaping teaspoons lime zest


Massage zest into salt, ensuring all the clumps of zest are broken up. Bake in the oven at 225 degrees for 1 hour or until the zest is completely dried out.

Little Yellow Note: Lime zest isn’t a necessity. Orange, lemon or even grapefruit zest would also be fab.u.lous!


From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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4 Comments to “Lime Salt”

  1. You are so lucky to have access to fresh fruit. Here in the snowy midwest, we get what they offer.

  2. I’m constantly squeezing lime into everything. This is a great idea!

  3. Lauren

    Wow, impressive that people are still motivated to cook!

  4. Lauren

    Thanks Valerie! We actually just used it on a pizza too, it’s very useful :)