LYK’s First Passover Meal

by Lauren


After a lovely reenactment of the story of Passover in which we each played an important role of either Moses, God or the King, we then had our first Passover dinner experience. I do believe it far surpassed the traditional Passover dinner requirements.

Pearl and her mama, Sandy, hosted a lovely feast that included the following:

Lotso matzo,  pate, horochete (sweet apple nut relish), and hot pink beet horseradish!


Gifilte fish made with fresh salmon and halibut. (I may or may not have thought there was actually a fish  swimming the seas that was called a gilfilte fish, until yesterday).

WAY better than the jarred stuff…not that I’ve had the jarred stuff, but I can only imagine.

(See the fish shape?!)


Matzo ball soup that blew. my. mind.

Three flavors of matzo: Tomato basil, spinach and turmeric flavored matzo balls.

I’ll never be able to eat regular matzo balls again.


And finally, brisket and veggies.

So moist, so tender, melt in your mouth, delicious.


Apologies for the missing dessert pictures but I was soooo excited about the macaroons and matzo crack that I completely forgot the photo!

SO, the moral of the story is everyone should have this foodie experience at least once in their lives. It is so much fun and all the food is fabulous! Plus, there is more wine involved than you could ever imagine…

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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4 Comments to “LYK’s First Passover Meal”

  1. As someone who has celebrated many a Passover seder, it’s nice to see people experiencing new things and different traditions (including eating weird foods) even if its only once.

    Also, despite having eaten many a matzah ball in my life, I don’t think I’ve ever had such unique flavors. Will definitely have to remember those for next year (especially the spinach one!).

    There are also many different varieties of charoset (the apple nut mixture) including a Middle Eastern/North African variety with dates/figs and raisins which is typically sweeter than the version you had (if you like sweet).

    Glad you enjoyed. :)

  2. We were lucky enough to enjoy a Seder the night before with the Krigers. Sandy does a seriously delicious homemade gefilte fish and you’re right, those matzo balls were to-die-for! Bummed my horseradish with beets and matzo crack didn’t make the photo shoot, but glad to hear you enjoyed!!!! You can check out pics from the previous night’s seder here…!/media/set/?set=a.10150730372342148.427530.798677147&type=1

  3. Obsessed with horochete – my grandmother converted to Judaism when she remarried and she’d host Seder occasionally. It was my absolute favorite part of the meal!

  4. Lauren

    Looks delicious! Your horseradish was fantastic, I’m bummed I didn’t capture it too. Thanks for the contribution to our lovely meal!