LYK Relaxation Station: Peach Basil Margarita

by Chrissy

Last weekend, we had a LOAD of ripe, juicy peaches and it was far too hot to make my absolute favorite thing to do with ripe, juicy peaches: either cobbler or crisp.

I would easily trade in any meal for this kind of dessert. You know, like out on the playground with your sack lunch, playing tradesies with your pals. Too bad, none of them would have a fresh hot peach cobbler in a brown paper bag…one day, my kids will hit the jackpot. Either that or they will be so confused and wish they had a fruit roll-up just like every other kid.

Getting back to my dilemma, we needed something cool, something refreshing and lucky for us, we had a pool party to attend in a few hours. Margarita. Duh.

We also happen to have a basil plant that is out of its mind. No matter how many things that we make just to use up the basil, we still can’t seem to make a dent. We would probably need a weed whacker to make any noticeable difference. But don’t worry, we wont do that; that would be blasphemy.

This tasty margarita is just the thing to…

1) rid you of your peach and basil overload.

2) quench the need for a refreshing beverage during this upcoming heat wave.

3) use as an excuse to whip out the tequila and festive marg glasses…

…check out these bad boys

Aye chi wah wah! You are the most bonita margarita that I have ever seen! And you taste pretty darn good, too.

If you happen to have darling little marg glasses, such as these ones gifted to us by Lauren’s Mom, I bet you would give them a hoot and a holler, too!

It’s only natural. But they get shy, so only do it once.

Happy Friday, everyone! Hop on over to the LYK Relaxation Station and kick your weekend off with this crafty cocktail.


Peach Basil Margarita

Makes 1 pitcher, (serves about 4-5)


1 cup gold tequila (Jose Cuervo will do just fine)

2 cups fresh peach purée

1/2 fresh lime juice

Handful of fresh basil, coarsely chopped (about 1/3 cup)

2 cups light beer (for a weaker drink: use 1 cup beer and/or 1 cup orange or lime soda water)

1 cup orange or lime soda water




Pit peaches and puree them in a blender  in order to yield 2 full cups of puree. Add in the coarsely chopped basil leaves, fresh squeezed lime juice and tequila and blend until basil leaves are broken down into much smaller pieces (about 30 seconds).

*If you like a blended margarita, add 1-2 cups of ice at this point and blend well, to desired texture.

Add the beer and/or soda water and stir in with a spoon or gently pulse a couple of times to mix. Pour over ice and serve immediately, or cover and store in the fridge until ready to drink (then pour over ice and serve).


From the LYK Relaxation Station,



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3 Responses to “LYK Relaxation Station: Peach Basil Margarita”

  1. I’ve been waiting for this one! My basil plants are also out of control and adding beer to this makes it extra delicious, I bet. Keep the cocktail recipes coming!

  2. Chrissy

    Totally! The basil is making up for it’s lacking last year, I think. The beer is great! Although, we used Pacifico, as I was writing this, I think that Blue Moon would be AWESOME. Let me know if you try that mixture :)

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