Egg in Avocado Purgatory

by Lauren


Our best bud from college Darci was in town this weekend. As far as I’ve seen, she doesn’t eat eggs with out an avocado so I figured this was the perfect breakfast to welcome her.

It’s literally an egg sizzled inside an avocado. Oh Pinterest, how I love thee.

Along with eating a tasty breakfast this weekend, I went camping with some girlfriends. I decided I really, really miss it. I’m totally ready for another road trip now! Can we leave tomorrow? Cool.


Please excuse my intense and slightly overbearing beach camping hair-do.


I didn’t have much faith in my ability to build a camp fire but Darci and I managed to build one that was good enough for mallow roastin’ and thus s’more makin’.

Chris built all the fires for the 7 weeks we were on the road last summer as I sipped on wine and tossed an occasional twig into it. Despite this, look what we created!


Little did Chris know, I observed every single movement and can now make fire without his assistance. Not to say I wouldn’t rather have him do it…

P.S. Someone had the amazing idea of using salted caramel filled dark chocolate for s’mores. Pure genius…I highly recommend it.

Back to breakfast.


This is so wholesome, easy and incredibly delicious. The warm but slightly firm avocado with the runny egg is quite the combination.


Darci had the grand idea of pairing it with some sliced tomatoes and sautéed spinach and kale. Chrissy added some buttered sourdough toast. Pintrest gave us the main course.


Egg in Avocado Purgatory


1 egg

1 slice avocado


Slice a 1/2 inch slice from the middle of an unpeeled avocado. Remove seed. Using a small cookie cutter (or shot glass) cut a slightly larger hole in the center of the avocado slice.

Set the slice of avocado in a non stick pan with a little bit of butter. Crack an egg into the hole and cook on medium low with the lid on for 5-6 minutes, or until yolk is desired consistency. Peel avocado skin off and serve.


P.P.S. Our squash blossoms and cucumbers are blooming!

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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3 Comments to “Egg in Avocado Purgatory”

  1. Oh goodness. This looks fantastic. I absolutely love avocado! And drippy egg! And toast! Hehe…

  2. Seriously, I am so stuck on eggs with avocados. This is definitely my kind of breakfast!

  3. What a great idea! I would love this for breakfast!