Charcoal Grilled Baby Back Ribs & Cinnamon Spiced Dry Rub

by Lauren


Chris wanted some meat for dinner on Sunday. He has come to learn that the only way that happens is if he buys it and hands it to Chrissy and I.

We rarely, if ever, buy anything other than fish or chicken so foods such as ribs give us a little variety in our cooking and I’ve learned to love it.

First up, scenes from the weekend!

A birthday breakfast for my brother the birthday boy. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!!)


A birthday lunch at Crystal Cove (birthdays tend to revolve around food in our family). The bloody mary’s, bacon and date pizza, ahi tacos and grilled artichokes made my day.


Homemade shrimp spring rolls for dinner at Chris’s parents house.


A Sunday read for the beach.


A visit to the local drive-in with my best buds to seeeee…


GREASE! Chrissy and I most definitely sang along to every. single. song.


It was quite an eventful weekend.

Now, back the BBQ!

I think I mentioned this but I’d like to reiterate. I love using the charcoal grill! It gives such great flavor to vegetables, fruits, and meats of all kinds.

So, when Chris handed me baby back pork ribs, I was all about giving them a go on the BBQ.

Lucky for us, sunset magazine had a little “how to cook ribs on the BBQ” feature last month so we did our research and got to work. My seasoning was inspired by Bobby Flay’s but I did add and subtract some spices.

One of which was cinnamon.


The addition of cinnamon was a darn good idea. When we lifted the BBQ lid, the scent came wafting out at us. You probably already know about my amazement with this if you follow us on Facebook.

These ribs have a crispy, flavorful crust on the outside and a moist and tender inside. The two hour wait while they slow cooked on the grill was well worth it. IMG_100900

Charcoal Grilled BBQ Ribs

& Cinnamon Spiced Dry Rub


1 1/2 racks baby back pork ribs

1 tablespoon cumin

1 tablespoon paprika

1 tablespoon granulated garlic

1 tablespoon granulated onion

1 tablespoon chili powder

1 tablespoon brown sugar

1 tablespoons kosher salt

1 teaspoon cinnamon

2 teaspoons black pepper


Thoroughly combine all the ingredients above and then rub a liberal amount onto the ribs. Press the seasoning into the meat to create a fairly thick layer.

Ignite 40-50 briquettes then bank the coals on opposite sides of the grill leaving a cleared area in the middle. Once the grill reaches about 300 degrees. Place the ribs onto the middle of grate and cover with lid. Add an additional 5 briquettes every 30 minutes or so to keep the heat constant.

Grill for about 2 hours, until you can pull the bones apart with ease.


From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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14 Responses to “Charcoal Grilled Baby Back Ribs & Cinnamon Spiced Dry Rub”

  1. Nice! I tend to like my ribs dripping with BBQ sauce… these are an interesting alternative! Less messy, perhaps?

  2. My hubby smokes lots of meat and I’m going to keep this rub recipe for the next time he has the smoker fired up! Are you going to share the homemade shrimp spring roll recipe? They look amazing! And I’ll also be making bacon and date pizza soon – yum!

  3. Where is the recipe for those shrimp spring rolls? they look so good!

  4. OMG those ribs sound incredible. What a great rub. And is that cinnamon bread?! Mmmmmm stop right there.

  5. This dry rub is right up our alley – love the flavors!

  6. The food on your blog is always so creative and fun, and it always makes me so hungry. :) Beautiful looking ribs!

  7. Lauren

    Thanks Jean! They were as tasty as they are beautiful :)

  8. Lauren

    The cinnamon was sooo good on them!

  9. Lauren

    Yes, yes it is. Big, fluffy cinnamon rolls!

  10. Lauren

    Haha we definitely drenched them in BBQ sauce too 😉

  11. Lauren

    Smoking meat is aaaaaaaalways a good idea. I wish we had a smoker! Here is the spring roll recipe, an oldy but goody:

  12. Lauren
  13. I love drive ins, seriously why don’t more places have those? Looks like so much fun. And these ribs look amazing!

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