LYK Relaxation Station: Sparkling Peach Spritzer

by Chrissy

Hurray for Friday! You know what that means…it’s time for the LYK Relaxation Station to show you how to whip up a tasty post-work/pre-weekend libation.

When life gives you peaches and a heat wave, you make a Sparkling Peach Spritzer. It’s as simple as that.

Especially on a Friday. Especially at 5 O’clock. Especially when it’s 80 degrees, by the beach. Especially when it’s Shark Week…


This fancy drink is simply delightful. And it’s the perfect thing to sip on at any time of the day. Socially acceptable? Totally. Because we just said so.

I hate to say it, but I’ll say it with confidence. I think this drink could replace the mimosa. I know a few people who would administer a swift kick to the shin after saying a thing like that, but I stand by my words. Sometimes you just might want something a little less on the bubbly side, so that you won’t have the burps and a champagne baby to deal with for the rest of the day….TMI?

Here’s the Step by Step:

Pit and chop peaches.

Throw them into a blender and puree.

Puree until it looks as smooth as butta’… like this. Then add the honey.

Mmmm the honey really helps bring out the sweetness from peaches and is somewhat reminiscent of a homemade peach jam. You could totally spoon it into some yogurt, or drink it like this, but since it’s from the LYK Relaxation Station, you’ll have to add the wine. :)

Give it a quick blend to mix the honey into the peach puree. Pour into a fine mesh sieve that is sitting over a large bowl. With a spatula, press the puree through the sieve until all but the small pieces of peel are left; discard the peel remnants.

Add a squeeze of lemon, to help prevent the peach puree from browning and mix into the puree.

For a pitcher, add in the finished puree and pour in the bottle of wine (or bottle and a half if you want to get wild, we don’t judge), then add about a cup or so of mineral water.

Or you could go the glass route and make individual servings by adding 1/2 part peach puree, 1/2 part chilled wine, and a heavy splash of mineral water…all to taste!

Feel free to customize your own combination of puree, wine, and mineral water. Just be sure you are still able to taste the fresh peaches!


See, super simple and fresh! If that doesn’t cool your jets during these hot summer months, then I don’t know what will…


Sparkling Peach Spritzer

Serves 4

4 Peaches

3 Tbsp honey

Juice from 1/2 lemon ( about 1 1/2 Tbsp)

1- 1 1/2 bottle crisp white wine, chilled (we used Pino Grigio)

Mineral water



Peach Puree: Pit and chop the peaches. Place in a blender or food processer and blend on high until fully pureed. Add honey and mix into the puree. Pour into a fine mesh sieve that is sitting over a large bowl. With a spatula, press the puree through the sieve until all but the small pieces of peel are left. Discard the peel remnants and wash sieve immediately so it can be easily cleaned.

Squeeze half of a lemon into the peach puree and mix. Cover and let chill for a few hours until ready to use, or use immediately.

To make spritzers: In a glass, combine 1/2 part wine with 1/2 part fresh peach puree and a top with a heavy splash of mineral water ( about 3 oz). If you would like to make a whole pitcher, add peach puree, bottle of wine and about 1 cup mineral water, stir together and serve. Garnish with a fresh peach slice or a sprig of mint and enjoy!


From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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7 Responses to “LYK Relaxation Station: Sparkling Peach Spritzer”

  1. This looks delicous and refreshing and even better, I have a bag of peaches in my fridge that I’ve been waiting to try something different with. Thanks for the idea:)

  2. 5 o’clock? I’ll take one now. We’ll just call it FDW (Friday during work)

  3. Chrissy

    That’s perfect! Put that bag o’ peaches to use! Enjoy your weekend, Tara.

  4. Chrissy

    I wish that were legal… FDW would be a great thing to implement. You know, like casual Fridays.

  5. Yum, this looks absolutely awesome! I love making spritzers and it’s the perfect time of year for a peach one :)

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