Baked Donuts: Chocolate Chocolate with…

by Lauren


Nuts? Coconut? Sprinkles? Really, all that matters is that you have a baked chocolate donut with chocolate glaze and your favorite topping.

Definitely enjoy these with a side of caffeine. The perfect Saturday morning combo.


Chris liked the sprinkles (and ate half of it before I could take a picture), Chrissy preferred the toasted coconut, I liked the crunchy peanuts. Everyone has their preferences, and everyone can be happy when you give them options.

Try this…a donut bar! Make donuts, vanilla glaze, chocolate glaze, and few bowls full of different topping choices. Everyone can dip and top their own donuts.


Your overnight guests will looove you. Although, think about how much you like these people before you give them a donut bar because they may never leave.

I’ve tried a couple baked donut recipes and haven’t had much success until this one. Tracy really found the sweet spot with this one! Paired with Joy’s glaze, they are perfect.


Baked Donuts: Chocolate Chocolate with…

Baked chocolate donut recipe from Shutterbean

Chocolate Glaze recipe from Joy the Baker


Toasted coconut


Chopped peanuts (or other nuts)

Mini chocolate chips

Nutella drizzle

Bacon bits (Rumor has it, it’s good)



From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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4 Responses to “Baked Donuts: Chocolate Chocolate with…”

  1. Yum! Want one – perfect with a cup of coffee!

  2. Apparently I need a donut pan… where on earth do you get these things? My first thought is Amazon… Looks amazing!

  3. Chrissy

    Lauren got it as a gift, but I would check Amazon first for the best deal. We’ve only used it a few times so far, but its seriously the best thing to have on hand when you are really needing to get your donut fix!

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