Mango, Banana & Almond Butter Smoothie

by Chrissy

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I spent all weekend out in the beautiful sunshine. I think the only times that I came inside was to eat a real meal and to sleep.

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Between surfing down at my favorite long boarder’s spot and biking down the boardwalk several miles in an attempt to avoid jammed up parking lots, so I could play beach volleyball, there was barely time for anything else.

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I normally pack my beach bag with some snacks, but after expending energy all day I needed a late afternoon pick-me-up, so I could make it to dinnertime. This smoothie revived me after a full day of outdoor activities, in the perfect San Diego weather.

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This would be a great breakfast smoothie to get your day going, a post workout drink, or a healthy and filling beverage.

The chia helps hydrate, the protein helps rebuild muscles, banana adds some potassium, mango sweetens it up, and the almond butter adds a little more protein and good nutty flavor.

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Now is the time to freeze your fruit, especially if you have a supply that is quickly becoming overripe in the warmer weather. It’s easiest to peel and chop into pieces before freezing, so that they are readily available to go straight into the blender.

Fruit Almond Butter Smoothie_LYK1

If you didn’t want to add protein powder (maybe you are scared of the stuff), then omit it and replace the water with almond milk, or your preferred milk. Juice would also work, but the creaminess from the milk (or protein powder) gives this smoothie a nice taste.

Give it a shot! Cheers to a perfectly satisfying week Smile.


Mango, Banana & Almond Butter Smoothie

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Serves 1


½ mango, cubed

1 frozen banana, sliced

1 Tbsp almond butter (I used my homemade Vanilla Cinnamon AB)

1 scoop vanilla protein powder*

¾ Tbsp chia seeds

½ cup water*

4 cup ice cubes



Blend all ingredients together until well combined. Enjoy immediately & feel refreshed.

*option to omit the protein powder and sub almond milk (or other milk) for water.


From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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One Comment to “Mango, Banana & Almond Butter Smoothie”

  1. I have a mango that I need to use, and banana. Looks like I’m trying a new drink in the am. Thanks!