Health Warrior Chia Bar Giveaway!

by Lauren

Happy Monday! We have an awesome giveaway to get your week kicked off just right. These Chia bars are SO good, we couldn’t keep them to ourselves.

Health Warrior teamed up with the LYK to offer one lucky reader two bars of each of the uniquely tasty flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Banana Nut, Coffee, Acai Berry, Coconut, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. “Did you say coffee flavor?!” Yes, yes I did.


My personal favorite is of course the chocolate peanut butter. Chrissy and I have been loving these as post-work, pre-exercise snacks. They give you a boost of energy  to get through that work out and satisfy that twinge of hunger you get right around 5 p.m. so you can make until dinner time.

In case you are behind on the Chia trend and are saying to yourself, “What the heckkk is chia?!”, let me fill you in. It packs a powerful punch. It has more omega-3 than salmon, more fiber than oatmeal and is loaded with good-for-you antioxidants and whole-food, plant-based protein.

Sold yet? Hop on the chia train, friends!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Hero Lo Res

By the way, these little guys are only 100 calories each and are the perfect purse sized treat. Or am I the only one that occasionally finds a snack or perhaps just a fork in my purse? Always prepared for food.

Here are a few super simple LYK chia recipes you can make at home (in between chia bars of course).

Cantaloupe Agua Fresca with Chia Seed

Tropical Chia Seed Pudding

Three “C” Granola (Coconut, Cranberry, Chia)

Chocolate Coconut Chia Seed Pudding

You have 3 chances to win the 12-pack of Health Warrior Chia Bars. Here’s how:

1. Leave us a comment telling what you would typically eat for a post-work and/or pre-workout snack

2. Leave a separate comment telling us you follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter

3. Leave a separate comment telling us you follow Health Warrior on Facebook and/or Twitter

We will select a winner on Friday,  August 9th! Winner will be notified by email.

Full disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Health Warrior, but we are totally into these bars and we never recommend things we don’t love for ourselves!

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49 Responses to “Health Warrior Chia Bar Giveaway!”

  1. When I workout in the morning, I usually have half a protein bar (just a little something to get me going). If I’m working out after work, I try to have a more substantial snack, like cottage cheese and fruit, or hummus with crackers. I’ve been wanting to try these bars – they look great!

  2. As a post work snack, I love a rice cake with peanut butter, craisins & sprikled with unsweetened finely shredded coconut! But would love to find one of these bars in my work bag. Next to my spoon & napkin, which are always in there for my random snack run-ins!

  3. Pre-workout: Peanut Butter (5:30 am is too early for food)
    Post-Workout/Breakfast: Veggie Omelette

  4. And I follow you on Facebook! One day I’m going to win one of these things!!!

  5. Pre workout i usually go fro a piece of fruit – a banana. and post workout i go fro a greek yogurt or a couple scoops of peanut butter :)

  6. I follow you on FB

  7. Before I work out I usually have a little fruit or a few Mary’s Gone Crackers and after I love a hearty protein shake full of spinach or a yogurt bowl : ) I have been looking forward to trying these bars…they look great!

  8. I follow you on Facebook and Twitter AND Instagram?! <3<3 :)

  9. My go-to pre-workout snack is banana and peanut butter. I would love to try these bars as a new healthy snack for days when I am rushed.

  10. I normally go for peanut butter with veggies after a workout.

  11. Nut butter balls for the win! I also loooove costcos energy mix, only trail mix I really eat

  12. Pre-workout snack fav has to be a scoop of greek yogurt (packed with protein) and a few berries :)

  13. Preworkout is 3 oz protein, 5 oz carb; post workout is 3 oz protein; 4 oz carb! Usually Chicken and Sweet Potatoes (or oatmeal)!

  14. I follow you on Facebook!

  15. I follow Health Warrior too!

  16. I like almond butter (love your vanilla coconut recipe) on a graham cracker with a glass of milk before working out in the morning.

  17. And I follow you on FB.

  18. After a workout, I love protein “ice cream.” One scoop protein powder with about 1/2 cup greek yogurt, a little almond milk, and whatever flavor add-ins I desire. It’s so delicious!

  19. I follow you on twitter

  20. I follow Health Warrior on twitter, too!

  21. Love eating some peanut butter spread on a banana for a pre-workout snack :)

  22. My favorite pre workout snack is Greek yogurt with granola!

  23. A banana is a great pre workout snack energizer for me!

  24. I’m a Facebook fan too.

  25. I like Health Warrior on Facebook. Thanks!

  26. I have loved Health Warrior since finding them at Whole Foods. Normally I am working out at about 6 pm before dinner so my pre work out snack is a nut bar or a protein ball.

  27. Following Your Blog on Facebook

  28. I following Health Warrior on Facebook

  29. Apples and almond butter are delicious for workout fuel!

  30. Facebook fan as well!

  31. I like Health Warrior on Facebook too!

  32. pre-workout (more like pre surf!) .. peanut butter, banana, and a nice cold glass of coconut milk

    post-workout .. anything Mexican! “)

  33. My favorite pre/post workout snack is either an apple with PB or a banana with PB! pb makes it nice and hearty :)

  34. I follow you guys on FB & twitter!

  35. I also follow Health Warrior on twitter :)

  36. Lately the only workout I am getting is the 8-10 miles a day at work as an OR nurse. That being said my pre-work out usually consists of a granola bar of some type usually high in protein. On some days it is the only thing I have a chance to eat. Those Chia Bars would sure be appreciated. Love your website!

  37. I also love to follow you on FB !

  38. Greek yogurt with some berries make a delicious healthy workout food for me!

  39. I’m a Facebook fan!

  40. I follow Health Warrior on FB too! Thank you as they sound delicious!

  41. I typically eat hard boiled egg whites for a post-workout snack

  42. i like you on FB as Daniel Budsy

  43. i liked Health Warrior on Facebook as Daniel Budsy

  44. my post/pre- workout snack is always plain greek yogurt with chia seeds and fruit(s) like sliced banana or any berry

  45. I follow Little Yellow Kitchen on Facebook

  46. I follow Health Warrior on Facebook

  47. I always eat oatmeal!

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