Roasted Corn & Hatch Chili Salad

by Chrissy

Roasted Corn and Hatch Chili Salad_LYK6

This salad is every bit as refreshing as the pictures look.

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Served slightly warm, if eaten right away or chilled and saved for the next day, this salad is simple and perfect for a warm summer evening.

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We aren’t ready to admit the Fall season is here, so we’ll be snacking on this type of food for the next couple of weeks, in the sunny 80 degree weather.

In fact, if I get one more email about it being sweater season, while I’m sunbathing, I’ll flip out.

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As Lauren’s big day approaches, easy meals like this are a huge time savor.

To make a more filling meal out of this salad, I added it to a bed of baby spinach and squeezed another lime over top for a dressing. It was perfection.

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Hatch chilies have so much flavor, and usually not much spice (de-seeded, of course) so they are a tasty addition to Mexi dishes (quesadillas, fajitas, tacos…) or salads, egg scrambles, or just by themselves.

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Roasted Corn & Hatch Chili Salad

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Serves 2-3


2 ears of corn

2 tsp butter

2 Hatch chilies

Olive oil

1/2 pint cherry tomatoes, halved, we used yellow from the garden

1 avocado, cubed

3 oz. light feta cheese, crumbled

2 limes, juiced (use 1 lime for corn, and other for salad)


Lightly butter ears of corn, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and juice of 1 lime and roast on the grill for about 10 minutes, turning occasionally to evenly char outside.

Lightly drizzle Hatch chilies with olive oil and throw on grill with corn. Roast for about 8-10 minutes, turning occasionally, to char all sides. Remove and let cool slightly, before peeling off skin, de-seeding, and chopping. If skin doesn’t peel up easily, place in a plastic or lunch bag to steam for 10 minutes and help separate skin.

After corn has slightly cooled, remove corn from cobb with a knife, carefully.*

To make salad, mix corn, peeled and diced hatch chilies, avocado, feta, tomatoes, and juice of 1 lime. Enjoy at room temperature or chilled.

Great served as is, or over lettuce or baby spinach, with an extra squeeze of lime for lunch leftovers the next day!


*Little Yellow Note: Tip to remove corn from cobb–place a smaller bowl, upside down, into a larger bowl. Place cooked cobb on top of the upside down bowl and carefully saw off the corn, as close to the base as possible. The cut off corn should fall nicely in the bottom of the bowl, instead of all over the counter. Winking smile

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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