Honeymoon Part 1: Portugal

by Lauren

I’m back!! It feels like forever since I’ve been here, thank God for Chrissy who held down the fort for the last month+. Things got a little wild for us for a bit, but rest assured I’m back in action and officially married!!


Photo Credit: Bryan N. Miller Photography

We did it! I know everyone says it but our wedding day truly was the best day ever. We were so at ease on the day of the wedding and were able to soak up the entire day, enjoying every moment of it. It was the most amazing experience to look out onto the crowd of people at our ceremony and see them all smiling back at us. To know that they were all there to celebrate Chris and I was the biggest blessing of all.

This never would have been without my fabulous parents, wonderful and very patient maid of honor, and amazingly helpful bridesmaids.

Thank you all for allowing me to “unplug” for a while so Chris and I could adjust to our new lives together and soak up our first few weeks of marital bliss!

More wedding details are to follow (once I have the photos to prove it!) but I must fill you all in on the honeymoon in the meantime:

Chris and I left the morning after the wedding and proceeded to explore all of Southern Portugal and Southern Spain for 2 weeks.

Honeymoon (3)

We started in Lisbon where it was cloudy and rainy but still stunning. The cobblestone streets and history in that city are mind blowing. Likewise, the Tosta Mistas (ham and cheese sandwiches), coffee, and pastries were perfection.

Excuse the explosion of photos but it was so hard to narrow down such an amazing trip!

Honeymoon (18)

Wandering the city’s alleyways.

Honeymoon (27)

Lost in Lisbon and jet lag at it’s finest.

Honeymoon (73)

From our balcony in Lisbon.

Honeymoon (76)

Our favorite pastry and coffee stop.

Honeymoon (103)

Slightly cold, windy, and rainy at the otherwise gorgeous Belem Tower.

Honeymoon (108)

Honeymoon (135)

After Lisbon, we hopped on a train to go to Albuferia on the Southern Coast of Portugal. Beaches, mini-hikes, pool, eating, port, vinoh,…sunshine!

Honeymoon (154)

Honeymoon (171)

Honeymoon (193)

Honeymoon (191)

Honeymoon (205)

We found the best restaurant and couldn’t help going back 4 times to enjoy dinner there! Ambrosia y Nectar had such friendly staff and to.die.for. foods that were very “economical”…plus a complimentary glass port at the end!

Perhaps my favorite Portguese meal was Cataplana. A seafood stew in a tomato broth served over rice. Absolutely delicious (except those darn prawn heads)!

We hiked along the cliffs near where we stayed and found a few private little coves and a fun beach at the other end of the trail.

Honeymoon (234)

Honeymoon (242)

We took a neat little day trip on a bus to Sagres and Lagos where we had some the most gorgeous views.

Honeymoon (264)

Honeymoon (295)

Portugese Style Codfish & Bruschetta

Honeymoon (306)

Honeymoon (308)

Port after every meal was a must.

Honeymoon (350)

Stay tuned for Spain…where we had even more delicious, unique, and fun experiences.

P.S. Spain may need it’s own part 1 & 2…too much fun!

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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3 Responses to “Honeymoon Part 1: Portugal”

  1. Congrats on your wedding and honeymoon! you looked beautiful!!!

  2. Lauren

    Thank you so much Amy – it was the perfect day :) (P.S. Sorry for the delayed response!)

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