Honeymoon Part 2: Marbella, Spain {and beyond}

by Lauren

After quite a few planes, trains, and automobiles throughout Portugal we were pretty excited to relax in Marbella (Costa del Sol). We spent the first night sipping wine and watching the sunset from the beach of our resort. The days were a mix of relaxation and mini road trips to surrounding towns and sites.

There’s only one way to show you how amazing it was and that is once again through an excessive amount of photos. Enjoy!

Honeymoon (397)

The next evening we strolled around the town of Marbella, made some discoveries…

Honeymoon (420)


Honeymoon (431)

ate churros covered in chocolate sauce…

Honeymoon (435)

and shrimp with heads at a cheap, fresh, delicious restaurant a local recommended, La Fria.

Honeymoon (453)

The next day we could smell the resort restaurant cooking paella from our room and had to go check it out. We decided not to eat there because were saving our paella experience for…

Honeymoon (479)

The paella feast on the beach!

Honeymoon (514)

We went to Ayo’s during our day trip to Nerja where we had all you can eat paella for 6 euro!

Honeymoon (516)

Served out of what is quite possibly the largest paella pan ever.

Honeymoon (521)

After lunch we wandered down the beach, back towards the main part of town to see the Balcony of Europe and even more spectacular views.

Honeymoon (525)

Honeymoon (535)

Honeymoon (536)

We did not eat:

Honeymoon (556)

Despite how full we were from unlimited plates of paella, we had to indulge in homemade ice cream served in melty chocolate dipped cones.

My pick: Almond Fig.

Honeymoon (550)

Nerja was a gorgeous little white washed beach town. We walked for hours before settling down at the beach to nap off the food coma for a while.

Honeymoon (558)

Another must see day trip from Marbella was Gibraltar. Monkeys were literally everywhere. Everywhere!

Honeymoon (631)

We decided to crack open an ice cold beer at the top of the rock with them.

Honeymoon (647)

Some of the most glorious views of Spain and Gibraltar were from the top of the rock. We walked down, spotting monkeys all along the way, and stopping for English scones with Devonshire cream and tea at the bottom.

Honeymoon (634)

We paid La Fria another visit while we were in Marbella s well. We ordered the half ration of fresh sea bass per our waitresses recommendation and loved it, head and all!

Honeymoon (731)

We also ordered the Galacian style octopus. First octopus experience was a success. Chris loved it, I could have done without but still enjoyed the chance to try it.

Honeymoon (728)

Next up on the day trip agenda was Ronda, where we saw the first-ever bullring.

Honeymoon (758)

The quaint little town is divided by a gorge and an old bridge sprawls across it.

Honeymoon (776)

The real reason for Ronda though…wine tasting! We had a nearly private tour of the winery with Iberian ham and cheeses to accompany the tasting.

Honeymoon (818)

We had to lighten our load on the way back to make room for three bottles of wine from the vineyard but it was worth it.

The rest of our days in Marbella were spent lounging by the pool or on the beach, drinking sangria, relaxing and catching up on sleep.

Stay tuned for Part 3: Sevilla!

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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  1. Lovin all the fall recipes and honeymoon pix! Great camera shots of the pumpkin chili!