Honeymoon Part 3: Sevilla, Spain {Seville}

by Lauren

One last part of our 3-part honeymoon to go. Seville was perhaps my favorite city in Europe thus far. I would go back again and again, and I could totally live there. We loved the people, the food, the cute little alleys (kissing lanes), the food, the history and architecture, the cleanliness, the views, and did I mention the food?

All of it was perfect. We couldn’t have picked a better ending to our amazing trip if we tried. We stayed (using airbnb) just footsteps from the city’s center, 50 yards from the Catedral de Seville. This photo was taken from just a few steps outside our front door.

Honeymoon (987)

When we first arrived, we (read: Chris) hauled our suitcases up 3 flights of stairs and we immediately hit the town.

First up, we went to the Alcazar (royal palace).

Honeymoon (962)

Honeymoon (1037)

After a long walking tour of the city to get our bearings straight and a few espressos, we headed out to see some flamenco. We went to the cultural center per our host’s recommendation and had so much fun watching such an amazingly authentic show – definitely the real deal.

Honeymoon (1002)

Ready for a little food recap?

We stopped for chestnut snacks two of the three days we were there. What a deliciously simple snack.

Honeymoon (1049)

Honeymoon (1048)

Honeymoon (1226)

Lunch one day consisted of tomato salad and a mix of fried fish from one of the more famous spots in town, Freiduria Puerta de la Carne.

Besides the accidental order of, and then bite of, fried fish eggs, we loved it.

Honeymoon (1116)

Ham hocks hung with “fat catchers” in nearly every tapas bar. Despite the look of it here, we can assure you that Iberian ham is fantastic.

Honeymoon (1041)

We stumbled upon a “Fair of the Nations” near the park and the Spanish booth happened to be boiling octopus. Lovely…

Honeymoon (1119)

We strolled the Plaza de Espana and Parque Maria Luisa one afternoon.

Honeymoon (1137)

Honeymoon (1326)

Honeymoon (1321)

Drinks on the rooftop of a hotel nearby was a definite highlight. We were nearly on top of the Catedral enjoying gorgeous views of the city while sipping crisp white wine.

Honeymoon (1156)

Then we became the ultimate tourists. Possibly the most touristy of tourists in all of Seville but we had to do it. So we did, we hopped into a carriage to be guided around the city during sunset.

Honeymoon (1163)

Honeymoon (1218)

Then there was the best meal we’ve ever, ever, ever had. It was a mutual agreement. I wish I could remember the details of each course but I was beyond enamored and totally basking in foodie heaven.

We found this amazing little restaurant, Taberna del Alabardero, which is actually part of the school of hospitality.

It was quite the experience, I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Honeymoon (1269)

Honeymoon (1230)

Foie Gras on Gingerbread

Honeymoon (1262)

Sea Bass

Honeymoon (1264)

Lamb with cinnamon corn puree and apple rolled in phyllo.

Honeymoon (1263)

The next day we climbed the bell tower in the Catedral de Seville.

Honeymoon (1311)

Honeymoon (1306)

Ate one last meal at a recommended restaurant where there was over an hour wait, but SO worth it.

Toast with Salmonjero, Iberian Ham, and Quail Egg.

Honeymoon (1384)

And clearly, the best ice cream I’ve ever had at Rayas. A MUST if you ever visit Seville – which you definitely should.

Honeymoon (1386)

That concludes the honeymoon adventures!! We had the time of our lives, traveling, relaxing, and enjoying our time as newlyweds. Even though we’ve been back to “reality” for a couple of weeks now, we will talk about this trip (and the food) for the rest of our lives.

Thanks for letting me share with you all – I promise to get back to the recipe posts ASAP!

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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3 Comments to “Honeymoon Part 3: Sevilla, Spain {Seville}”

  1. Looks absolutely fabulous!!! Love all your pictures. Congratulations.

  2. Lauren

    Thank you!! We had a blast :)

  3. Loved seeing all your gorgeous photos and traveling “with” you on your honeymoon. Thanks so much for sharing it with all your readers.