Honey & Champagne Cranberry Sauce

by Lauren


Here it is, that Thanksgiving recipe I promised. It involves champagne. You know you’ll have a bottle of that open on Thanksgiving morning. If you can spare a cup, swap it for the water in your classic cranberry sauce and try this out.

I think a handful of chopped walnuts would also be fantastic in this.


In the process of shredding brussels sprouts for what would have been a fantastic Orange & Almond Crispy Brussels Sprouts side dish option for Thanksgiving, I also sliced off the tip of my finger on the mandolin. That said, it’s difficult to type so I’m thankful it’s a short week at work.

You really don’t realize how much you use your index finger until it’s wrapped in ball of gauze and tape the size of a kumquat and has become immobile. It is a good excuse to not have to wash the dishes though.


Put a twist on a Thanksgiving classic this year; skip the canned stuff and pour a little booze in your cranberry sauce!

It’s a great make-ahead dish and it also travels very well if you’ll be driving to see family or friends and want a little homemade contribution to bring to dinner.

It takes just 15 minutes to make and they will be so very impressed with your skills.


Honey & Champagne Cranberry Sauce


1/2 cup sugar

1 cup Brut champagne

1 –12 oz. bag cranberries

1 tablespoon honey


Bring sugar and champagne to a boil. Add cranberries and bring to a boil again. Reduce heat and let simmer for 10 minutes. Warm honey in microwave for 10-15 seconds and stir into cranberry sauce. Let cool then refrigerate.

cranberry 2

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,


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3 Responses to “Honey & Champagne Cranberry Sauce”

  1. I LOVE homemade cranberry sauce, but my family refuses to have anything but canned. Yuck. This looks like an amazing cranberry sauce! I would eat it all up :)

  2. oh heck yes! will have to try this! hope your finger feels better soon Lauren and have a great Thanksgiving :)

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