Happy Thanksgiving! {thinkThin Giveaway}

by Lauren

I know, I know. The last thing on your mind the day before Thanksgiving is “I could use a gluten free, dairy free,  kosher, vegan, protein-packed bar about now.” I do know however that after a day loaded with celebration, gratitude, family, and food, when you wake up and can’t believe you are still full 12 hours later, you’ll be thinking “thin”.


ThinkThin asked if we were interested in participating in a giveaway for our readers and we just couldn’t pass them up. We love these and wanted to offer one of you the chance to win a box!

These protein bars are fantastic for breakfast on the go or a mid-hike snack, and just a bite will kick that 2 p.m. chocolate craving. At least that’s how I’ve been enjoying them.

I also keep one in my glove box just in case I get hungry on the way to Barre class. They are delicious little protein bars – fairly low in calories compared to most protein bars and they come in an array of fun flavors.

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I prefer the “crunch” version. I appreciate a variety of textures in protein bars since far too often they taste like cardboard.

Chrissy and I do have a new favorite flavor though. ThinkThin was kind enough to throw in a couple of their Divine chocolate coconut flavored bars and they were heavenly! We totally split one for dessert one night.


We would recommend these to anyone who has an active lifestyle and is constantly on the go. They are perfectly purse size and leave you feeling full and satisfied.

You have 3 chances to win a box of thinkThin protein bars (you choose the flavor!). Here’s how:

1. Leave us a comment telling us your favorite part of your active lifestyle!

2. Leave a separate comment telling us you follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter

3. Leave a separate comment telling us you follow thinkThin on Facebook and/or Twitter

We will select a winner on Wednesday, December 4th! Winner will be notified by email.

Full disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by thinkThin, but as usual, we never recommend things we don’t love for ourselves!


Last, but not least, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Eat well, friends.

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,

Lauren & Chrissy

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29 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving! {thinkThin Giveaway}”

  1. The best part of my active lifestyle is that I can go out for a run, and 3-4 miles doesn’t feels like an every day run. Not even a year ago I couldn’t even run a mile.

  2. My favorite part of my active lifestyle is how I feel after a sweaty workout and a hot shower – feels like I’ve earned it!

  3. The best part of an active lifestyle for me is just the way it makes me feel..physically and mentally. Knowing I accomplished a difficult workout and how great it feels when your done. Or, maintaining a healthy/clean diet which does wonders!

  4. I do follow TLYK on Facebook and the thin bars as well. Yummy! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  5. I’m a follower! And I’m determined to win a Giveaway!

  6. The best part about my active lifestyle is challenging myself to achieve goals that I never thought possible.

  7. I enjoy that I find ways to get exercise often without going to the gym

  8. My favorite part of my active lifestyle is how it makes me feel! I always feel more energized and happier after I’ve worked out!

  9. I follow y’all on facebook!

  10. I follow ThinkThin on twitter!

  11. my dog is my favorite part bc he keeps me going for walks and jogs!

  12. i like think thin on fb (name is vunda vall)

  13. My favorite part is that I sleep well when I am tired.

  14. My favorite part of my active lifestyle are the connections I make with other people in the yoga studio. I love that we can have fun, give each other tips, and work out all at the same time.

  15. I follow you on twitter!

  16. I follow thinkthin on twitter and facebook :)

  17. My favorite part of my active lifestyle is having FUN while working out! I love teaching Dance Fit at my YMCA!!

  18. Follow ThinkThin on Twitter! @Christianqt07

  19. My favorite part of my active lifestyle is working out with friends!

  20. Follow YOU on Twitter!! @Christianqt07

  21. I love the way i feel all day when i am active, i love having energy and no headaches

  22. i follow you on Facebook

  23. I follow Think Thin on both Facebook and Twitter

  24. I love being able to run outside! I am in school outside of my home state (Florida), so I love having my activity be out in the sunshine.

  25. I follow you on twitter!

  26. I follow thinkThin on twitter!

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