Light it up! {Food for Thought}

by Chrissy

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Preparing for a dinner party is a lot of work, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!  But it is fun especially if you love to cook and entertain like we do.  Fixing the meal is only part of the preparation; setting a fun and festive table is another important “ingredient.”  Aside from putting flowers on the table and some pretty decorations, candles are a MUST!  And the more the merrier!

The little votives work well because you can sprinkle them about your table, but some tall candle holders and beautiful candles really make your table sparkle.  Try to get non-drip candles; they may be a little pricier, but they are well worth it.  Mixing and matching different color candles certainly adds to a table as well as various size height of candles.

Very Important:  Before your guests arrive, be sure to burn the wicks on all the candles for a few seconds so your candles don’t appear to be “new” and then your table won’t have that “staged effect.”  

We would love to hear what about what dinner party details matter most to you. We’ll be throwing one in the next few weeks to celebrate the many changes and promotions going on in our lives so we can put your ideas into action!


Bringing you some food for thought, from the Little Yellow Kitchen!

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One Comment to “Light it up! {Food for Thought}”

  1. I love confetti and birthday hats!