Cooking with Cookbook – Tavola Calda

by Lauren

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Gregorio and Filippo are the “new” guys on the Little Italy block, sharing amazing Italian dishes in a very unique way. Cookbook Tavola Calda, offers the perfect variety of meals that are already cooked, prepared and ready for hungry customers to pick what they want for a quick lunch to go, or a pleasant, leisurely dining experience.


We were invited to come help cook a few dishes and see what Cookbook Tavola Calda is all about. Chef Gregorio planned a fun LYK-themed menu that we would help make come to life: yellow stuffed bell peppers, yellow curry risotto and classic {yellow} custard torte.

We learned a ton of helpful tips to make the world’s best risotto, a few of them being: always use a nonstick pot, use Carnaroli rice (not arborio as many would default to using), and the trick is to keep adding hot liquid to the mixture and stir often, as the rice keeps absorbing – you will keep it happy while it cooks away.


So fellow San Diegans, if you are lucky enough to live or work near the downtown/ Little Italy hood, you absolutely must stop in and try Cookbook’s ready made dishes. They have everything from various types of meatballs, a couple different lasagnas, salads, and some California-inspired twists on old Italian classics. They aren’t afraid to play with flavors and techniques.

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Cookbook finds the right balance between local and real Italian ingredients, which is great for sustaining our community as well as ensuring that the Italian style and inspiration of the food isn’t compromised.

Oh and don’t forget the desserts. It would be a shame. They make the most amazing cheesecake-esque dessert that is light enough to resemble panna cotta, but dense enough to still call it a cheesecake. With Nutella. Need we say more? They gave us a big ole’ piece to try, as if the LYK inspired menu wasn’t enough, and we wolfed down the whole thing.

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We are so thankful for the invitation and had the best time cooking with these guys. They have only been open for a a handful of months, so we are excited to see their success and urge you to go try all of the goodness they offer!

From the Little Yellow Kitchen,

Chrissy & Lauren

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  1. What a fun experience!!