Fast Forward 3 Years + Lemon Blueberry Banana Bread

by Chrissy


HI! HELLO! HEY! Anyone still here? If so, it’s been a while and I have just felt really called to share some updates, recaps and recipes with you all.

So, where to start…? SO much has changed in the past 3 years since we were active on this sweet little food blog project, its hard to know where to begin. But begin I shall.


Lauren and Chris got married and had the most romantic honeymoon, which you might remember as she shared with you all back then. Now they have the SWEETEST babe, Luke, and he just turned 1! You’ll never guess, but he LOVES eating. Any and everything, boy, that kid can eat! I love watching Lauren help him grow strong with all of the adventurous food she makes him. They bought a home and are currently in the process of re-doing some of the kitchen to open it up to welcome more company, and keep things bright and inviting. It’s such a joy to see their little family thrive. BIG news: Lauren is currently working on launching a food/recipe/lifestyle blog about bringing friends & families around the dinner table, creating community and memories, good health and joy. We’ll let you know when that project is ready to launch! I’m so excited for it!

Here is little Luke, for your swooning pleasure.


He’s just the best little dude.

As for me, so much has changed in these past few years I can hardly contain my excitement to share! In a nutshell, I left my 9-5 job and jumped into life as an entrepreneur & chef, I got MARRIED to the most amazing man and traveled around the world for our honeymoon, went to nutrition school and am now a proud graduate as a holistic health coach, I became enthralled with using essential oils and transitioned my home into a chemical-free environment, using Young Living Essential Oils.


Lauren and I still live in sunny San Diego, CA, with our families. We are both located in North County and are absolutely blessed with where God has faithfully led our lives, calling us into building a healthy community.

If you were wondering – we still live within a quick drive from each other, so don’t worry we can still re-live those Little Yellow Kitchen glory days. And laugh a lot, like this.


As a the owner & chef of local San Diego healthy meal delivery service, Food Made Fresh, I have been creating healthy recipes, menus, and meals for my clients. I thought that it would be fun to revisit these old LYK stomping grounds to check in with whoever may still be following or interested to see some fun updates every once in a while and new recipes that I’ve been playing with!


As I mentioned, I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for the past 3 years and have been so profoundly impacted by their presence in my life. They are literally my medicine cabinet, my cleaning supply closet, my oral hygiene products, my beauty products, and also essential ingredients in my kitchen and in my recipes. If I have a headache, I reach for my peppermint essential oil; if I need to stay hydrated and balance alkalinity in my body I drop some lemon oil in my water; if I am having a stomachache I turn to my Digize blend for instant relief and aid in digestion; if I want to spruce up my coffee or tea I add a drop of cardamom essential oil for a grounding flavor (and digestive support); if I want to clean my floors or bathroom I use my one and only spray bottle of Thieves household cleaner; if I am noticing a cold coming on, I reach for my Thieves essential oil to protect my body against sickness and help it kill of the bad bacteria, quickly.

So many amazing benefits and uses I could go on forever…but I’ll stop there and start sharing the BEST vegan Lemon Blueberry Banana Bread with Lavender Glaze! Simple, easy, healthy and you need it.


{Vegan} Lemon Blueberry Banana Bread w/ Lavender Glaze

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Makes 1 loaf or 6-7 mini loaves


1 cup white whole wheat flour (sprouted is best)

¾ cup spelt flour (sprouted is best)

1 tsp baking powder, aluminum free

½ tsp baking soda

1/4 tsp sea salt

3 ripe bananas,  mashed

¼ cup coconut oil, melted

½ cup organic coconut sugar or organic cane sugar

½ cup full-fat coconut milk (canned, not beverage)

1 tsp pure vanilla extract

1 ½ cup fresh organic blueberries, or frozen work too

5 drops Lemon Essential Oil


For the Lavender Glaze (optional)

1 cup organic powdered sugar

2 Tbsps coconut milk or almond milk

1 drop Lavender Essential Oil



Preheat oven to 350 F. Line baking pan with parchment paper or grease with coconut oil.

In standing mixer, add bananas whole to the mixing bowl and beat on medium until mashed. Alternatively, you can mash by hand with a fork.

Add the sugar, coconut oil, coconut milk, vanilla, lemon essential oil, and mix on medium until incorporated.

Add flours, baking soda, baking powder and salt and blend on low until incorporated.

Fold in the blueberries, gently.

Transfer to mini loaf pan and divide batter equally, or add all into one loaf pan. For mini loaves, bake for 25-30 minutes, for regular loaf size, bake for 40-50 minutes. Insert toothpick or knife in center and its done when it comes out clean.

While it’s cooling, make the Lavender Glaze.

Add powdered sugar to mixing bowl and gradually add the coconut milk, while beating with a whisk until consistency is thick and smooth. Add lavender essential oil and whisk again. Add more liquid if a thinner glaze is desired.

When bread is cooled, drizzle with glaze, slice and enjoy! It will keep longer if refrigerated.

With Love (& From the LYK),

Chrissy Weir

Young Living Independent Distributor

Sponsor/Enroller # 3135578


Ps. Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out with questions about essential oils and how to start using them, chrissy.younglivingeo (at) gmail (dot) com !


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12 Comments to “Fast Forward 3 Years + Lemon Blueberry Banana Bread”

  1. A resurrection of TLYK! Just in time for Easter.
    Yea! I’m excited for you.

  2. So happy to see you pop up in my feed reader! And glad to see everything is going so well for you both :) Congrats on your new business! And your wedding pictures look beautiful!!

  3. It’s so good to see you back. Think of you often since several of your recipes are staples in my house. Congratulations on your business. Luke IS adorable.

  4. I still often turn to the LYK for some favorite recipes! This bread looks delicious! Congratulations to you and Lauren!

  5. i have tried your recipe yesterday and its taste was so delicious…but mine bread was a bit hard …can you explain what could be the reson???lit was a regular loaf size and i baked it for 45 minutes..but over all the taste was just yummy ..thanks for sharing

  6. Chrissy

    Love this Patty! Hahah Lauren told me how excited you were! Now, we just need to keep nagging her to get started with her new project!

  7. Chrissy

    Thanks Sues! I’ve been thinking that we needed to get back on and share some updates (and tasty recipes), and I’m so happy to see some comment love! Hope you ladies are doing well too!

  8. Chrissy

    Thank you Grace! It’s been fun to get back into it when there is a little pocket of time between all the wild projects I have going on! I love hearing that some of our LYK recipes are staples in your house! :)

  9. Chrissy

    Thanks Emily! So glad to be back! Thank you for sticking around and loving our recipes :).

  10. Chrissy

    Hi Albert, If the bread was hard, I would think either the batter was over mixed, or maybe your oven runs hotter than mine and was slightly overbaked! When I bake breads like this, as a general rule of thumb. I set it for 5 minutes less time and check the middle with a toothpick, and put it back in if it’s still doughy. Glad you liked the flavor!

  11. It’s so great to hear from you guys again, and I’m happy to hear that you’re both leading happy, healthy and fun-filled lives. Hope you’ll keep posting; I really miss your recipes and catching up with what you’re doing.

  12. Chrissy

    Thanks so much for sticking with us! We are so happy to be able to share some delicious recipes when we are able to do so! Hope you have been well these past few years! Stay tuned :).