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January 24th, 2014

The Gin Mule

by Lauren


Happy Friday! The LYK has one of our favorite cocktails on the menu today.

This drink is almost a Moscow Mule, but it’s not. There is no Russian Vodka in it, although that would have been far more festive on our part to celebrate the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

This drink contains gin. I didn’t think I liked gin but perhaps it’s my love of lime that offsets that flavor because this drink was so good!


My mint plant took …

July 3rd, 2013

4th of July Recipes!

by Chrissy

4th of July is almost here! Are you ready for the fun, food, friends and FIREWORKS?! I know I am.

Maybe a little too ready. Like I might be totally checked out right now and there is still a jam-packed day ahead of me…

Here is what’s going down tomorrow, should you choose to hop on the band-wagon.


Start your morning off on the right foot with some of this healthy fresh juice.

Morning Red Juice {Carrot, Citrus, Strawberry,

May 27th, 2013

Creamy Orange & Vanilla Bean Cocktail {The Creamsicle}

by Lauren


I bet you need a cocktail. Perhaps in celebration of the short week, or perhaps because it’s only Tuesday. You choose.

How about your favorite popsicle made into a cocktail? After a long weekend in the sun, we thought this creamy, fruity, vanilla drink was perfection.


I personally loved that we made it in our newly acquired mason jar with a handle. Which is now also my own personal cocktail shaker.

Chrissy and I surprised ourselves with the unbelievable resemblance … Read more...

May 2nd, 2013

Orange Ginger Wine Spritzer

by Chrissy


Are you guys feeling this heat wave? It hasn’t just hit California, that’s for sure. Friday + hot summer weather = kick your feet up it’s time for a cold cocktail. Or a wine spritzer. Or both? But first start with this luscious libation.

Orange Ginger Spritzer_LYK6

This next sentence might be offensive to the world of the winos out there (especially the FAW crew…aka our neighborly Friday wine and cheese night), but here goes.

Sometimes white wine is just boring.

Orange Ginger Spritzer_LYK4

Red …

March 7th, 2013

Chai-Spiced Almond Milk

by Chrissy

Chai Almond Milk_LYK2

Well, it’s sure looking like it’ll be another chilly weekend. But don’t you worry, we’ve got just the thing to keep you going.

This batch of homemade Chai-Spiced Almond Milk will ensure that your day is refreshed, toasty, and healthy.

Chai Almond Milk_LYK1

Why is chai-flavored anything so good? Whether it is enjoyed as a cold or warm beverage, or baked into a delicious sweet treat, it always seems to warm up the soul.

Chai Almond Milk_LYK3

For some reason when I think of chai, I … Read more...