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November 24th, 2013

Honey & Champagne Cranberry Sauce

by Lauren


Here it is, that Thanksgiving recipe I promised. It involves champagne. You know you’ll have a bottle of that open on Thanksgiving morning. If you can spare a cup, swap it for the water in your classic cranberry sauce and try this out.

I think a handful of chopped walnuts would also be fantastic in this.


In the process of shredding brussels sprouts for what would have been a fantastic Orange & Almond Crispy Brussels Sprouts side dish option for … Read more...

November 14th, 2013

Maple, Pumpkin & Cranberry Bread {with Oat Streusel Topping}

by Lauren



Not only had I yet to use my brand new loaf pan but I’ve also been dying to make pumpkin bread. I finally had the time last weekend and after brainstorming a variety of flavor combinations for the recipe, I came up with this one. Maple and pumpkin, a match made in heaven.

It’s always awkward timing when I think of recipes and flavor combinations. Sometimes it’s right before I fall asleep and I roll over to half-asleep Chris … Read more...

August 7th, 2013

Waldorf Salad with Citrus Chia Dressing {Vegetarian}

by Lauren


It’s been three days and I’m still finding paint smudges on me from our weekend projects. Chris and I currently in the process of painting shelves, surf racks, spice racks, nightstands, and the game of corn hole (for the wedding!).


I guess with a handy-man comes and endless supply of painting projects. While he builds all of these things, someone has to make them look presentable for our new place.


That someone has become me and I apparently … Read more...

April 23rd, 2013

Mini Cran-Bran Muffins

by Lauren


And yet again I discover…I do not truly enjoy the process of baking. Although I enjoy the result of baking enough to struggle with it and fulfill my cravings.

Bran muffins have been on the mind for quite some time, and I finally built enough confidence to whip some up.

I love, love, love bran muffins but do not love raisins. I shamelessly eat around them in just about every trail mix (and bran muffin), going straight for the chocolate … Read more...

March 6th, 2013

Cranberry Coconut & Almond Oatmeal

by Lauren


We aren’t the type to buy prepackaged oatmeal. In case you are unaware, it’s loaded with sugar and fake flavoring. Pretty please skip that section at the grocery store and make your own batch starting today!

It takes just a couple seconds more to make your own. You can even make multiple servings in a large batch and simply dish up your desired amount each morning.


I’m pretty sure this simple concoction blew Chris away -although I could attribute his … Read more...