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October 23rd, 2013

Pepita & Spice Crusted Salmon {+ Butternut Squash Hash}

by Chrissy

Pepita Spice Crusted Salmon and Butternut Squash Hash_LYK5

As you all read yesterday, Lauren and Chris are back! I had missed them so much, and was so glad to fetch them from the airport, upon their return from their romantic and adventurous European honeymoon.

Now back to the food.

Pepita Spice Crusted Salmon and Butternut Squash Hash_LYK7

Fish. I was craving fish. Probably for two weeks. Then I saw some nice wild, fresh caught salmon fillets, ready for me to take home. Score.

Pepita Spice Crusted Salmon and Butternut Squash Hash_LYK1

Channeling a the spiced flavors of Fall, this salmon has rich … Read more...

November 15th, 2011

Gorilla Veggie Breakfast Quesadilla

by Chrissy

Why gorilla? Because it could probably feed a full-sized gorilla. Probably the Silverback gorilla, during mating season. I bet they are the hungriest then.

See, the LYK could have gone the normal route and called this a “Breakfast Quesadilla”, but it is just so much more than that; therefore, deserving of a better name. A name full of pizzaz, and awesomeness.

And a slight amount of intimidation, because that is what we both felt like after we created it. … Read more...

November 1st, 2011

Butter-less Butternut Squash Crumble (Savory)

by Chrissy

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I love Trader Joe’s, especially during the holiday season. Why? Well, because they come up with the best seasonal items, making it possible for drinks like this Spiked Pear Ginger Cider.

They are loaded with a variety of squash to choose from, for a set price. There is never a surprise on your receipt when you couldn’t resist picking the biggest butternut squash in the barrel, whether or not the recipe actually called for 7 lbs of squash…… Read more...

September 13th, 2011

Crisp Eggplant & Zucchini Stack

by Chrissy

For those few nights where you happen to have random leftover vegetables scattered throughout the fridge…

 I present to you, the Crisp Eggplant & Zucchini Stack!

I had a half an eggplant that was approaching it’s deathbed, along with a half of a very large garden-grown zucchini, some red onion, criminis and some leftover marinara sauce from the previous pizza night. Oh, the parmesan I pretty much always carry on hand. Freshly shredded is so … Read more...