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April 2nd, 2014

Simply Carnitas {tacos 2-ways}

by Lauren


These carnitas have been a long-time coming. Chris asks for them every time I ask what he wants for dinner. Had I realized how simple they were I would’ve appeased him long ago!

Not only are these a one-pot wonder – you just need a couple of hours around the house to watch them – but they also have so few ingredients! It’s also an extremely inexpensive meat to buy. I call that a win-win-win.

carnitas 2

Add another win on there …

September 8th, 2013

Mexican Scrambled Eggs {with Tomatillos, Queso, Avocado}

by Lauren

mexican eggs 2

We had the perfect dinner in Cabo last weekend. Perfect.

It was a complete surprise to me – I definitely thought we were going out for some beach bar nachos (which would have been fine by me!) – but Chrissy planned a beautiful sunset dinner at a gorgeous restaurant where we were able to eat dinner with our feet in the sand.


Everything from the seafood casserole that came steaming hot, family style, to the churros and cake for dessert … Read more...

January 29th, 2013

Homemade Mexican Chorizo {Breakfast Tacos}

by Chrissy

Homemade Chorizo_LYK

Cha cha cha chorizo!

Sorry, that sounded like a good idea at the time. Like a chorizo party.

Homemade Chorizo_LYK2

I can’t say that I’ve had Mexican Chorizo often, I just know that when I do have it, it’s quite a tasty treat.

Also, it’s a fun word to say (noted, above). It just sounds so zesty and authentic.

Homemade Chorizo_LYK4

Truth be told, normally I cheat and go for the Soy Chorizo at TJ’s. It tastes the same as chorizo, but without all … Read more...

September 10th, 2012

California Huevos Rancheros {for 1}

by Chrissy

This is my new best friend. I would like you to meet Señor California Huevos Rancheros. He really knows how to make you smile.

Speaking of best friends, my best friend from high school  just got married this past weekend and she couldn’t have been more beautiful… see!

And of course I’ll comment on the food… it was literally the best wedding food in the history of mankind. When you have surf ‘n turf, ahi, apple pie, cake pops, mini … Read more...

May 4th, 2012

Soy Chorizo Salsa Verde Nachos with Lime Cilantro Greek Yogurt Sauce

by Chrissy

Pandora and Rubio’s have combined forces this week to ensure that I (and all Pandora listeners) understand the true significance of Cinco de Mayo. Literally, the spokesperson addresses the fact that this holiday is not for Mexican Independence, but rather the lucky victory during a battle. Who knew, right?

I think its pretty funny, because whenever I have heard Rubio’s commercials advertise the new menu items or promotions, they NEVER speak in a latino accent. However, in the spirit … Read more...