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September 4th, 2013

Cabo Bachelorette Trip {part 1}

by Chrissy


Lauren Bach_LYK3

I am proud to announce that:

1. Lauren’s bachelorette weekend in Cabo, Mexico was AMAZING.

2. We managed to sufficiently embarrass the Bride-to-Be, on every occasion, while making her wear her veil, light up ring, huge lei, party hats, sashes, and maybe a few other things…

3. We all made it back to the States in one piece. Phew.

Lauren Bach_LYK6

Between, basking in the sun, making bomb meals, eating the best ceviche, frolicking on Lover’s Beach, swimming in the ocean, … Read more...

July 24th, 2013

Cantaloupe Agua Fresca {with chia seeds}

by Lauren


I’m preparing for the bachelorette party a month in advance. Getting all authentic on you guys with this Mexican refresher.

This drink was actually my coworkers idea. I’ve been gathering inspiration from those around me lately and it’s always entertaining to hear what other people think I should make. Seriously, try it.


Ask around and I guarantee you’ll get some fun responses that will perk your imagination. We’ve been making chia seed pudding for months now but I decided add … Read more...

August 4th, 2011

Mexican Lobster Tail Burrito and A Trip South of the Border

by Chrissy

About 45 minutes South of the Border, lies the little town of Puerto Nuevo.

It has lots of these:

No need for a real name, this place is called Restaurant #1: Puerto Nuevo. Yeah, it’s that good. Pearl and her family just call it Number 1Oh, if you were wondering the sign does indicate that they have “Sea (LOBSTER) Food”. 😉

Our sole mission was to divide and conquer this lobster joint. Well, not divide so … Read more...