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November 7th, 2013

Tomato & Olive Salad {with smoked paprika vinaigrette}

by Lauren


So, this salad (or salsa? Or dip?) has been a huge hit around these parts lately. I’ve now taken it to a dinner party as a salad and camping as a salsa/dip and in both cases, the bowl came home empty.

After eating ham, cheese, and bread, every day on our honeymoon we craved vegetables. Just a tiny carrot, a leaf of kale, a slice of a beet – really, anything without carbs involved would have been totally acceptable.

We …

July 15th, 2013

Mediterranean Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

by Lauren


I had the most incredible weekend! My friends threw a bridal shower for me, and it was beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

It was the perfect setting to enjoy all my favorite girls in one room celebrating Chris and I, and showering me with love at such an exciting time in life. It’s a rare feeling, and I’ll never forget how much it meant to me to have them all there celebrating our marriage.

Everything from the centerpieces

October 6th, 2011

Homemade Tapenade Croutons

by Lauren

Salad shouldn’t be consumed without these.


They might leave a bit of lingering garlic breath, but they are totally worth it.

The tapenade gives these a bit of a salty twist that is unlike any premade crouton that comes in a bag.

As they bake, the herbs and garlic will fill your home with a variety deep, delicious aromas.


I used homemade rosemary focaccia, but you can use any day-old loaf of bread.

But then again, why would you?