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October 24th, 2011

Campfire Spicy Italian Meats Panini

by Lauren

Chris and I just didn’t get enough camping in on our seven week road trip so we decided to go do some desert camping this weekend in Joshua Tree.

Feel free to scroll through the slideshow of our pictures below and then keep scrollin’ on down to see what deliciousness we had for dinner!



We had quite a nice little weekend away but really, what’s camping without some grub?

This tasty dinner we had helped nourish our systems before the long hikes we did on Saturday!

This is basically a tasty Italian spin on a classic American hot sandwich.

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October 2nd, 2011

Lemon-Almond Pesto Spread

by Chrissy

You may remember back to when it was summertime and the days were long and the nights were warm. Well, in Southern California it still feels that way, especially this past weekend. So, in honor of the warm summery weather in the beginning of October, here is the delicious Lemon-Almond Pesto Spread that I had promised to share with you!

You may remember it’s debut on this: Perfect Pesto Picnic Panini

Truthfully, I tried to make pesto as I would any other regular basil pesto, but since I had so many almonds I thought I would use those instead. Well, I believe that I made too much almond meal, but instead of removing some, I went ahead with the rest of the ingredients and flavors that I wanted to use.

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September 6th, 2011

Perfect Pesto Picnic Panini

by Chrissy

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Although society (and mother earth) would tell us that Summer is over, my belly (and the local air temp of 82 degrees) is saying it is most definitely not.  Yes, it’s quite the opposite, actually. The weather is finally hot, the nasty overcast skies have at long last yielded to the brightly shining sun’s demand for attention.


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And I am completely okay with it all. The Fall can just wait another month or so.


Good thing Labor Day brought out some good end-of-summer sales; now I am stocked up for the upcoming Summer 2011: Round 2, September Edition.

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June 1st, 2011

Pizza, Pasta, Panini, Polenta and A Trip Through Little Italy

by Chrissy

I am sorry in advance for what you are about to see. For the second day in a row, we prove to you what little piggies Lauren and I can be, when we put our minds (and bellies) to it.

Last week, Lauren and I had the pleasure of treating our taste buds to San Diego’s finest Italian food and drink. The Taste of Little Italy featured 23 different eateries, located on or around India Street. We had so much fun, but then again, how could you not? As promised, here is the recap of our adventure through Little Italy. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

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