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December 10th, 2013

Green Beans with Almond Brown-Butter & Mandarins

by Lauren


This weekend our refrigerator was nearly as empty as it was when we moved in. The only non-condiment item left in there was a pound of green beans which inspired this tasty side dish. After leaving the Trader Joe’s with a surplus of Satsuma mandarins I decided to combine the two.

Now, I never cook with butter. It’s not really intentional, it’s just that olive oil is the go to since it sits on the counter near the stove. These … Read more...

June 18th, 2013

Balsamic-Dijon Roasted Green Beans & Mushrooms

by Chrissy

New favorite side dish.

Balsamic-Dijon Roasted Green Beans_LYK6

When green beans are on sale, I end up buying a huge bag of them. I dearly love green beans. I love them so.

My go-to recipe is simple: olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper, sautéed until tender-crisp.

Balsamic-Dijon Roasted Green Beans_LYK5

Although, I think I’ve found a new love. Balsamic-Dijon Roasted Green Beans & Mushrooms.

Mushrooms in anything will catch my attention, and in this recipe, they really stand out. They hold a ton of balsamic and Dijon flavors, … Read more...

September 27th, 2012

Lemon Basil Drop Biscuits

by Lauren


I’ve mentioned this before but here it goes again, I don’t fancy myself a baker.

I really, really, don’t fancy myself a baker when I’m attempting to make Lemon Basil Drop Biscuits in Chris’s itty bitty kitchen with an even itty bittier oven.

The guy practically requires customized cookie sheets or at least a mini pizza pan in order to bake.

photo (80)

This is my excuse for simplifying biscuits by using Trader Joe’s Buttermilk Pancake and All-Purpose Baking Mix.

I don’t …

December 25th, 2010

Baked Brie Bites

by cmocush

Merry Christmas Eve!

Home for the holidays never felt so good! After a busy day of snowboarding and traveling home, it’s about time to kick back and relax with the family. Naturally, this means baking, cooking, and eating good food. As we are preparing our Christmas Eve feast, the crowds are getting hungry: time for appetizers. Good thing we stocked up on ready-made puff pastry sheets at TJ’s because they are perfect for a quick bite to fend off those … Read more...