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January 23rd, 2014

“Three Sisters” Squash Soup {Vegetarian}

by Chrissy

Three Sisters Squash Soup_LYK3

What is “Three Sisters” you ask? In the Native American culture, squash, corn and beans are known together as the “three sisters”. I bet they don’t fight like sisters, though. They are all perfect complements to one another.

Three Sisters Squash Soup_LYK1

I don’t know if you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying “Three Sisters” Stew, but it is quite tasty. The Whole Foods nearby, introduced the two of us and we’ve been great friends ever since.

This is the soupy version, because …

November 8th, 2013


by Chrissy

Shakshuka Stuffed Acorn Squash_LYK7

Shakshuka, my friends, is the best tomato dish out there. I am convinced.

Shakshuka Stuffed Acorn Squash_LYK4

And it is pretty. Oh so pretty.

Shakshuka Stuffed Acorn Squash_LYK5jpg

One of my good friends, Erin, gave me the recipe for Shakshuka. She swears by it’s goodness and authenticity, so naturally I was sure to make this as soon as I could gather the ingredients.

Shakshuka Stuffed Acorn Squash_LYK6

I just recently planted a flourishing herb garden in a couple of various-sized pots and it makes my heart leap to go fetch some herbs … Read more...

January 23rd, 2013

Hoppin’ John

by Lauren


Possibly the strangest name for a dish, ever. Yet also possibly one of the tastiest dishes, ever.

I tried to look up how the name was derived and in a nutshell, it’s unclear. It could have been named after a hobbling old man named John who sold black eyed peas in the South but it could also just be a catchy a name. Use your imagination!


Ready for a little LYK history lesson?

This oddly tasty yet simple dish began …

January 19th, 2012

Hearty Beef Stew: 2 Ways

by Chrissy



1 recipe. 2 ways to prepare. Things could get wild

…and they did.

Why? Oh, that would be because we decided to make life difficult and put both means of preparation to the test…unintentionally.

Note to self: never start a fantastic CrockPot dinner at 5pm, when you are already famished. That is called voluntary torture. I am here to be sure that you don’t do what we did.


Here are your options: either

November 3rd, 2011

Autumn Vegetable Stew

by Chrissy


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After the Butternut Squash escapade at Trader Joe’s, I had much leftover squash to spare. This recipe sure put it to good use.

Packed full of fresh veggies, a bright pumpkin taste and an array of spices, this Autumn Vegetable Stew will be your new best friend through the ups and downs of the oncoming winter months.


Its simple to prepare, too. Really it couldn’t be any easier. Here, see for yourself:

Cut up vegetables and throw …