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December 18th, 2013

Costa Rican Travels

by Chrissy


Hi! Chrissy, here. I took a little tropical vacation to Costa Rica, but I have returned. I’m already dreaming back to when my perfume was of sunscreen and salt water, my main source of hydration was from fresh coconut water, and when I spent more time in the sea than on land (how could you not when the ocean is a consistent 88 degrees?).


I loved ever bit of it. But don’t get me wrong, there’s really no place like … Read more...

November 5th, 2013

Honeymoon Part 3: Sevilla, Spain {Seville}

by Lauren

One last part of our 3-part honeymoon to go. Seville was perhaps my favorite city in Europe thus far. I would go back again and again, and I could totally live there. We loved the people, the food, the cute little alleys (kissing lanes), the food, the history and architecture, the cleanliness, the views, and did I mention the food?

All of it was perfect. We couldn’t have picked a better ending to our amazing trip if we tried. We … Read more...

November 7th, 2011

Foodbuzz Fest 2011

by Lauren


You may have been wondering what this LYK hiatus has been about over the last few days.

Well, after eating our way through San Francisco all weekend we are back to good ‘ol San Diego and ready to share our experiences, culinary delights and newly acquired food blogging friends with you!


Friday started off with a bang as we indulged in all sorts of delicious hummus appetizers during the reception. Hummus pizzas, hummus lettuce wraps, hummus pastry bites…it never ends!… Read more...